Update On The Pumpkin Soup  

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6/5/2006 5:17 pm

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Update On The Pumpkin Soup

Three gallons! Just in case you were wondering. Two are in the freezer. One in the fridge for my lunches.

Also, it tastes pretty good, even cold. It's a nice summer soup, even if you'd think of it more as an autumn flavor. I think I did a darn right good job for having no recipe whatsoever. Just a taste on my tongue and a dream in my heart and I can cook anything. Mwa ha ha ha!

Okay, maybe not anything. I'm not a freaking Iron Chef. Damn I wish I could be though. Well, except that I make three gallons at a time, not one tiny plate.

And as it is, I cut my finger pretty badly slicing the sweet potatoes. Those buggers are hard to cut through! (And Miracle Blades are too sharp to not pay attention to what you're doing.)

So I'd probably make a piss poor Iron Chef.

Though I'd love to cook for a living ... if I didn't have to cook other people's meals. (And if I had an air-conditioned kitchen.) I want to cook what I want to eat. I work by ... hmmm ... I'm not even sure what to call it. Desire I guess. It's like, I get a craving. That craving turns into an idea. And usually, I can turn that idea into something tasty. There's almost never a recipe involved. I just cook by taste and smell and just have a knack for knowing what spices to add and such. And I guess past life experience telling me how to cook it. I don't really know how I manage that part. Watching cooking shows only explains so much.

But so I love to cook when it's something I want. I've no idea how I'd manage cooking for someone else though.

Of course, this is not a good passion for someone on a diet to have. I wish I didn't love good food so much. It's one of my biggest vices. **sigh**

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