Trials and Tribulations  

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3/21/2006 5:19 pm

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Trials and Tribulations


The ex had her galbladder removed and now she's home recouping for two weeks. Yay. And she needed some medical stuff, as well as wanted some comfort foods, so I ran out and to Wally World. I figured what the hell, I needed to run out to cash my paycheck and there were a few groceries that I'd need in a few days, so why not.

Of course Wally World didn't have everything that she wanted. So I stopped by Pick 'n Save too.

I finally get home, and her laptop is dead, and she's crying. Yay.

Well, we knew it was acting up. It kept switching from AC to battery even while it was still plugged in. This, of course, meant that if she wasn't paying attention, suddenly it'd crap out on her because her battery would get drained. We tried a different line in the house, nope, not the AC. So we ordered her a new AC adaptor. Nope. Didn't fix anything either. If anything, that just made it worse.

This has been going on for a couple of days. We looked at eBay to buy a used one of the same model for spare parts, figuring between two laptops I should be able to build one working one. But the prices on the ones we were watching just kept going up and up ... to crazy prices for what you're getting IMHO. But then, that's eBay.

So, stuck between a couple hundred to repair it, or only a couple hundred more to replace it with a brand new one that should last for years more, she chose to order a new one. With her own money at least. But of course that could mean she may need to live with me longer before she can afford to move back home to Australia. Yay.

And now her laptop is to the point where it won't even stay on AC power long enough to charge the battery anymore. Which means a dead laptop. And she's stuck at home, in bed, recovering from surgery, with nothing to do, and no line of communication with most of her friends.

You can imagine how fun she is to live with right now, I'm sure.

Granted, I feel a bit bad for her. And I've been trying to help. I even cleaned the dust out of her laptop in the hopes that it was just that or something. And I've been trying to be nice.

But damn. I feel like I've pretty much wasted today already. I'm wiped, and I didn't even get a chance to go for a walk.

Oh well.

Maybe I'll just go to bed early and chalk the day up to "Life Sucks". Some days it just doesn't pay to be nice.

I should probably at least eat some dinner. Maybe that'll give me a bit of energy. I'm just so wiped right now.

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3/21/2006 8:06 pm

Do...something...for YOU!

vrec_dawn 41M

3/22/2006 6:31 pm

Me? No no no. There's no time for me.

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