The Vrec No-Va ... It Doesn  

vrec_dawn 41M
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9/11/2006 7:31 am

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9/12/2006 4:15 am

The Vrec No-Va ... It Doesn

My car is dead. The brakes broke!

The rear passenger side wheel has been acting up lately, but I'd been ignoring it as my shiny new Prius should be in the dealership (straight from the factory) literally any day now. It could have been in on the 5th. But they're obviously taking their time. So anyway, yeah, I was pushing it. I knew it was a dangerous game. But why pay for fixing a car you won't have tomorrow, you know?

But so the shit finally hit the fan. The wheel just totally locked up. Fortunately it was only halfway out of my garage at the time, so no danger. Just annoyance.

I jacked the car up. Worked on it a bit. And thought I had things moving and working again.

But then I backed up again and CLANG!


That can't be good.

Long story long, one of the brake pads on my anti-lock disk brakes just plum fell off!


Well, I called in work and talked with the HR woman and I'm okay to miss a day or two of work because this is like an emergency and all and there's just not anything that can be done because I live an hour away and the company cars are all being used. And I got the car into my regular mechanic this morning. And he says he'll see what he can do to make the repair as cheap as possible because he understands the car only has to be drivable for another day or two. He's a good guy. They run a good shop.

So, flirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I do now?

I'm all stressed out. At home. Bored as shit. Waiting to find out how much it'll cost me to make my car drivable. On a car I'm only getting $100 trade in for anyway. But at this point it's not even really about the money. It's about the fucking releif of no longer having to deal with a driven-to-hell car! I want my shiny new car!

Um, yeah. So anyway. Sorry. Stressed. I should spend my day cleaning up the remainder of the ex's stuff in preperation for the last garage sale of the season. But who wants to do that? **sigh** Oh well.

Update! As of 3:30 my car is fixed. It cost $200 on a car I'm only trading in for $100, but at the same time being able to get to work is a lot more important. So hey, all is good. Crisis contained. The world keeps on spinning.

And in the process of cleaning and sorting through stuff while I was stuck at home I found Water World and took a break to watch it. It's silly, and it was a huge flop, but I for one still love that movie.

2daycowboywanted 46F

9/11/2006 7:47 am

Well look on the cheery side of things - at least you werent hurt!

Until later

vrec_dawn replies on 9/11/2006 1:28 pm:
Yep. My angels were looking out for me. Brakes breaking in my driveway is annoying, but brakes breaking on the interstate is deadly. And I appreciate that fact very much right now.

JazzDlight 60F

9/11/2006 9:24 am

That really sucks believe me been there more times then I care to remember...damn that Murphy and his law.! Hugs, Jazz

vrec_dawn replies on 9/11/2006 1:29 pm:
Yep. Damn him! Still, could have been much much worse. This I can afford. It just takes a tiny bit from what I was saving for my down payment. But at least I had the money, and no one (especially me) was hurt. And now the car is drivable again, so I only lost one day of work. All considered, not bad at all. Annoying, but not bad.

sexymermaid6956 64F
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9/11/2006 2:44 pm

very glad to see you were not hurt...hugs to you...


Seduce my mind and my body

vrec_dawn replies on 9/11/2006 3:50 pm:
Thanks. All's well that ends well.

TammyDHU 46F
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9/11/2006 3:28 pm

It could only happen to you, huh?

Oh well, shit happens to us all.

But hey, you might have never watched Waterworld had it not happened...congratulations on doing something that you wanted to do with your time!!!

vrec_dawn replies on 9/11/2006 3:51 pm:
This is true. I also watched Iron Eagle afterwards. I need help.

druidrocker 63F

9/11/2006 6:49 pm

all's well that end's well - but don't you ever do this again - or Jazz and I will both come up there and kick your ass - and with the way she is feeling about men right now - yikes !

vrec_dawn replies on 9/12/2006 4:15 am:
Damn. See, mixed messages like that aren't so good because where before I learned my lesson and wouldn't even think of letting it go for that long again, now I'm tempted to smash something just so you come here.

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