The Good And The Bad  

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6/2/2006 4:11 pm

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The Good And The Bad

Hmm. Life is funny. Never happiness without sadness. **sigh**

On the minus column:
* One of my fishies died.
* The drier broke.
* I was sick.
* I have an uncle-ish I barely know dying of cancer.
* My cousin is now diagnosed with a nasty genetic disorder that he'd never shown signs of for decades but his brother has been struggling with all his life. (And had never been expected to live past 12.) It trashes the immune system, weakens bones, etc.

On the plus column:
* I caught a caterpillar
* I'm not sick anymore; just drained.
* The drier is fixed.
* Free BBQ at work.
* Good discussions with my mother.
* Sunshine.

Hmm. It's hard to really decide how that balances out. I'm not sure I care to try and figure that out really.

I'm worried for my cousin mostly, because it's been so hard for his brother to grow up with that, and now he has it too. If it gets as bad, he may never be able to risk having a normal life ever again, which is harder when you used to have one. Like the wild tiger suddenly put into captivity, you know? And the knowledge that now either of them could easily die at any time, from the simplest of colds turning into all sorts of nastiness. That's rough.

I guess all in all I'm feeling down again. But more worried down with no way of doing anything about it. Not really depressed at least. It doesn't help that I'm still exhausted from having been sick, even if I don't have the fever anymore.

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