Sunshine, Lollipops, and Fluffy Bunnies  

vrec_dawn 41M
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2/25/2006 10:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Fluffy Bunnies

Life is funny.

It's a good day. I actually slept in until (shock) 8am. Wow. (For someone that gets up at 5am, that's really sleeping in.) Of course I was up until 11pm last night emailing a friend, so it's not actually all that much extra sleep. Still...

I had a nice long hot shower. (Something I don't usually have the time to enjoy.) A nice long, err, application of moisturizer to shaved areas. **LOL** And a nice little rice bowl of lowfat vanilla yogurt mixed with cocoa crispies, a Centrum, and a glass of half-strength Tang for breakfast. Mmmm.

I kicked back and watched some cartoons for a while, worked with some weights, did the dishes that I put off last night, and then said screw it and went for a walk.

I strolled by a friend's shop and chatted for a bit. I grabbed some mozzy cheese sticks for lunch. Walked home. And here I am.

I don't know why, but it's just been a really nice day so far. AND I get to take the ex to work in a few minutes, so I'll even have some alone time. **LOL**

Life is good.

sexymermaid6956 64F
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2/25/2006 4:44 pm

yes life can be good..nice positive attitude nice to read...and a breakfast man to boot...keep in shape and it will feel


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