Shed A Tear For Them. And How 'Bout One For The Road?  

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8/4/2006 3:38 pm

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Shed A Tear For Them. And How 'Bout One For The Road?

Here's a quickie for my faithful readers. (Sorry, but still a cross between busy and recouping, and so far the weekend isn't looking to change things much as there's a family gathering on Saturday.)

So I'm driving to work this morning, making fairly good time. That, of course, is always a bad sign. I hit the beltline, and wouldn't you know it, massive slowdown. Traffic drops to a crawl. Yet Another Accident. I hope no one is severely hurt.

Well, miles later at tortoise speed, I finally get a whiff of what has happened. Literally. Even with air recirculating while the AC is on, I'm suddenly brought to tears by the most intense smell of onion I've ever experienced! It's like a semi full of onions must have smashed into someone and mashed them all up into a giant tear-jerking nightmare of a biohazard! You think slicing one onion is bad, multiply that by a whole semitruck! Onions! Freaking ONIONS! I mean normally I like onion, but not like that!

At least I'm assuming it was onion. I couldn't find a news story when I looked this morning to answer that question. That's what it smelled like to me, but damned if I could see!

As it was I was lucky to squint my way through and beyond without hitting anyone or anyone hitting me. It was that heavy. But gee golly willickers what an experience! That's not one I ever expected to happen in my life, you know? It really came out of left field. I'd hope no one was hurt, but all considered it's hard to imagine things were that lucky. So I just hope whoever was hurt is going to be okay.

And if anyone can confirm it was indeed onions, please do so. Especially if you have pictures!

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