Sexy! Sexy! Part II - The Longing  

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3/19/2006 3:41 pm

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Sexy! Sexy! Part II - The Longing

Damn. I really want some sexy new stuff to wear. Unfortunately I still have a fair bit of weight to lose before I can wear something really seeeeexay, but still, I could theoretically wear something not so bad right now, that would at least make me feel sexy.

I'm thinking maybe a pair of white satin pajama pants wouldn't be so bad. Or purple. I don't know.

But can I find anything remotely like that? Well ... online I can. But I don't want to risk something that I can't try on. So I'd prefer local.

And that's not even getting into anything really all that hot.

Other than goofy underwear to pouch the snake in silly ways, does anyone even make sexy men's garments? Not that I'm looking for lace or anything frilly, but, I don't know ... A slick robe, pants that have a slit of transparent material up the side seams to show a little 'innocent' leg, a fishnet shirt with a big blue silk dragon on the chest, I don't know ... something...

Is it so wrong to want to have a little style?

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