Scary Pizza!  

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8/13/2006 7:59 am

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Scary Pizza!

It came, from the frozen aisle! Oooooh!

Okay, no, seriously. There's this pizza brand that I just love. It's this Home Run Inn frozen pizza. It's good stuff. It's kind of expensive, but it's good. (And no, that isn't a picture of it. That picture was of the scariest pizza I could find. Where as this stuff looks good.)

Well, so I don't know if it was too much grease because I got the sausage and pepperoni one instead of just pepperoni. (They were sold out of what I wanted, so I settled.) Maybe it's that the sauce seems to have a highly acidic tang. (That makes it yummy, but...) Maybe it was that I already had a slightly upset stomach. I dunno.

But damned if eating three quarters of the pizza yesterday as breakfast and lunch (since I'd hardly had any of it the night before) didn't give me one hell of an unfun experience by dinner. Let's just say I was running a lot last night.

I got in a fair bit of reading though. Man what a sucky night. It wasn't until about 2am that I finally fell sound asleep. It was very restless and up and down until then.

But I'm feeling much better today. I tend to recover quickly.

And at least I had a recovering companion too. Though I feel bad about that. Cream was looking a little under the weather as well, with what looked like a similar problem. Poor girl. Maybe I gave her too many carrots lately. Or maybe it was the little bit of pizza I gave her. (Hammies are people too.) Or maybe it was that residue in her water bottle. I don't know, but I cleaned that out. (Strangely, Coffee didn't have any such in his, but I cleaned his too, just in case.) And so she's looking better today too now. So she and I recovered together.

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8/13/2006 3:04 pm

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