Oh yeah, the second sex dream!  

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2/11/2006 6:53 am

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Oh yeah, the second sex dream!

Okay, so the second one wasn't as good as the first. It was kind of ... weird. Not that it wasn't enjoyable.

I don't have a clue where I was living. It was some nice big house out in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by woods. And I was totally an author, which would be so nice.

Anyway, so I had grabbed my laptop and gone for a walk. Hidden away on the property in the middle of the woods, by a stream, was this little shack that had been fixed up into a nice little playhouse. No bed, but a table, chairs, cabinets for some tinned food, etc. I'd go out there to work on the more fanciful parts of my novels.

So I get out there, and when I open the door to the little place, there's this really young naked woman just standing there, crying. It took me a moment to notice that she had these nearly transparent (kind of cloudy grey) butterfly wings folded behind her back. You could just barely see them. She was a faerie!

But she was crying.

She looked, hmm, not exactly startled to see me. It was almost like she had expected me, and been dreading it.

So I asked her what was wrong, and asked her if it was okay if I came in, or if she'd rather I leave. This seemed to take her by surprise, and for a moment she forgot to cry. Just for a moment though.

She waved me in and began telling me this long tale of her life in this other world. But to graduate from her schooling she needed to come to the mortal world. She needed to have an orgasm by a mortal to return home. She couldn't appreciate fae sex until she'd had the less stunning and magical mortal sex first. And to ensure that she did this, as all fae had to do, a spell was put upon her, that would keep her from being able to cross worlds until she had an orgasm from sex with a mortal.

Well, it turned out that she was so scared because I wasn't her first mortal. A part of the spell seemed to, hmm, induce strong urges in mortals that ultimately ammounted to magically enchanted , thus ensuring that she have sex with mortals. Nasty spell that. The problem was, of course, that these 'experiences' with mortals was scaring the crap out of her, and so far she'd failed to orgasm at any time.

This struck me as strange, since so far I hadn't really been all that interested in jumping her. I mean she was a sobbing scared mess. No matter how hot and naked she was, that's like a huge turn off, you know? So I asked her about it.

In the end she decided that I didn't feel quite right. I must not be a full mortal. Somewhere I had something other in my blood. Though it also helped that I was a believer (in magic, in faeries, etc.) That was why I could see her wings too. Mortals couldn't.

And as we talked, I just knew what I had to do. It was like intuition, only even deeper. I had to break her spell. But I had to do it just right or she'd get scared again and it wouldn't work.

As we continued to talk I had her lay down. I stroked her hair at first, just soothing her. I rubbed her shoulders. I just kept touching her in soothing ways as we talked.

When she had stopped crying and was just relaxing and droning on, not really talking about anything important, I began touching her in more intimate places, but still soothingly. At first she tensed up again, but when she realized it was okay, she relaxed once more.

Then when she was comfortable with that I slowly began including more eroginous touching, but still nothing direct. I just kept at it, still talking with her calmly. Finally she began flushing a bit and her talking was kind of stuttered. I moved in to more and more exciting touching, and she stopped talking. I began kissing the places I touched and she gasped, but in a good way. She barely tensed up at all and soon she was letting herself trust me.

I moved my way into really intimate places then, and her flushing deepend as her breathing quickened. I could still ruin it by doing something stupid, but other than that, I had her.

I took my time, but eventually I found myself licking her labia, slowly working my way in, and then up to her clit. Then when I felt it was safe to, I also slid a finger in as I licked and sucked. She tasted as good as she looked, and though I wasn't going to get my own orgasm out of it, it was still quite a pleasure.

Of course it did the trick, and she finally had her orgasm. Who wouldn't? **LOL**

Still touching her, more for reassurance than anything, I sat back to rest. It was hard work after all. She crawled into my lap with her arms around me. I think she was crying again, but I couldn't tell if it was good or bad. A bit of both I think, but mostly good. I learned the trick of rubbing the back of someone with butterfly wings.

Then when she had herself under control, she stood up, kissed my cheek, thanked me, and walked away. On the third step she just vanished, instantly, having walked back into her world.

It was a weird dream, to say the least. Still, it was both sexy and endearing. I think I might have cried a bit myself. I missed her. I missed that opportunity to go to her world and see some real magic. I don't know. It left me feeling kind of happy and sad, and a bit sexy.

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