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7/1/2006 6:09 pm

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My Beggars

Here's a snap of my Beggars. Goldfish may be dumb as bricks, but they know to start begging as soon as you walk by.

I used to have a much more stunning collection, including some black moors, fancy-tailed tri-fins, koi, etc. They were all so pretty. And Bub and Bob were huge! And then they all died thanks to being stressed out from being transplanted to a new tank ... that broke, and then after that nightmare catching hemorrhagic septicemia from a new fishy from Wally World. That was heartbreaking! (Here's a link: Fish down Fish down) I haven't had the heart (or money) to really restock quite the stunning display of goldfish since. So this is it for now.

And actually, most of these goldfish are the ex's. She picked them out. (Because I just didn't have the heart.) The only one that is truly mine is Orange, the one on the far left. The cheap $0.25 feeder goldfish. I only got him because I'd never had a plain ordinary goldfish in the tank before. I'd always gotten various exotic ones, sometimes spending as much as $20 per fish. So it was kind of a joke to get Orange, but I still love him all the same. Hell, I love all of them, even if I can't remember any of their names. (Since they were the ex's, she named them.) I'm sure I'll get to keep them. I doubt the ex wants them.

I've been tempted to get some more goldfish, but these guys are doing so well, and the tank is so easy to clean with only so few of them. So maybe I'll just keep this small group of Beggars for now.

druidrocker 63F

7/2/2006 8:25 am

Had fish - the same ones as you - wow - what a surprise - we had a similar thought pattern. Also had dog(s) and cat(s). Now all I have are plants - you can go away on business trips and vacations and not have to worry about them - I only have the kind that don't need daily care - I am going for the simple life.

I especially like the fancy tails - a few of them won't upset the balance - go on - you know you want to.

vrec_dawn replies on 7/5/2006 5:36 pm:
I once went on two and a half week vacation and forgot to ask anyone to water my plants. When I came back I lost a couple and nearly killed them all. Oops. Luckily the wandering jew is easy to get cuttings to re-root once you've accidentally kiled it at least. That stuff is a weed. Though a coworker nearly killed a full grown plant of it just recently because he forgot it for a month. (Or longer.) Of the whole thing I've only managed to get two small cuttings to root. The rest is all dead.

Maybe I'll get some more fishies some day. Actually, I really miss neons. I've always loved those little tetras. But the water in Baraboo sucks. It kills pretty much any fish except really hearty ones like goldfish and bettas, no matter what treatments I try to condition the water with. So I have goldfish and bettas. And a pleco that's so far managed to outlive the other plecos I've tried. I've been lucky there. (Though I'm not sure why I kept trying them other than that they're cool.)

I wouldn't mind a cat, but my allergies won't really allow it. **sigh**

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