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vrec_dawn 41M
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3/30/2006 7:01 pm

OMG! When I came home from work today, there were all of my computer parts. So I've spent the night building a new computer. And it worked on my first try. He he he. No smoking sparking parts. No funny noises. No wondering why things aren't working. Nothing bad whatsoever. In fact, I was actually amazed how easily everything went together this time.

Too bad it sounds like a jet engine compared to my old computer. **sigh** Oh well. Perfection costs money, and that I don't have.

But the new build is going well. I'm still installing various software right now, now that Windows is installed and I've got my DSL connection up and running. My first download was Grisoft AVG Free. Yay free antivirus that actually works. Next will come the driver updates and crap. But I just had to stop for a moment and see what things looked like on a slightly more decent monitor around here. It's amazing how different people's pictures look when you have more than 256 colors. He he he.

Actually, this monitor isn't new. It's ancient. I drug it up from my computer graveyard, and it's older than the laptop I was using, but it was tip top of the line when I bought it ... in '97. So it's still better than the laptop's screen.

But, OMG! I can actually type ... and the keys work. And even better, the cursor moves as fast as I type and the letters and words actually appear as I type. Holy crap!

I'm so amazed.

He he he he.

And my keyboard has all of these funny keys along the top, like back and forward (that are tied into Internet Explorer to go back and forward ... funny that), close, search, home, even a shortcut to the Windows calculator. Freaky. I don't think I give a crap about the buttons, but they're entertaining. I'm afraid to see what happens if I touch the button that looks like a power button though. Will it shut down my computer on me? That'd be a sucky button to put on a keyboard. You're sitting there playing a game, when, OOPS! Not good. I'm afraid to try it.

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