Invasion Of The Deranged Mind  

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8/24/2006 4:48 pm

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Invasion Of The Deranged Mind

So some of you faithful readers may have noticed I'm not blogging as much. Or that I changed my blog title. Yeah. Life has gotten crazy. I've been busy.

Actually, a lot of it has to do with being free. Now that I'm not married to a major energy drain, I'm finding more energy to use and more things to live for. You know?

Part of that is deciding that I give a ____ about my house. So I'm doing all of those things that I haven't done for it in years. Like swab the deck. Like edging the driveway. Like patching holes in walls.

The problem with shifting priorities is that, well, blogging fell down in the list. Sorry folks. I'm still around. Don't worry. I'm not gone. I'm just doing other stuff that's more important to me.

But I'm also flirking busy up the asterisk! I feel so scattered lately. Hence the new blog title. I'm more deranged than ever!

druidrocker 63F

8/24/2006 5:43 pm

Glad to hear you have a good excuse - we'll be here when you catch up !

vrec_dawn replies on 8/25/2006 4:36 pm:

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