I Can Almost Skate ... Honest!  

vrec_dawn 41M
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4/16/2006 8:37 am

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4/21/2006 7:15 pm

I Can Almost Skate ... Honest!

**LOL** Well, I decided to try skating in my garage with the car parked outside, since that gives me a LOT more open room. And you know what? I almost can go forward withouth looking like a complete loser. I still can't turn ... at all. And I can't go fast. And I totally don't have that brake thing worked out at all. But hey, at least I'm not windmilling like mad anymore.

But man oh man does that work out muscles that feels like I forgot even existed. OUCH! **LOL** I'll have to do this more often to build them up. Maybe soon I'll even brave going outside.

gentelmanjim53 65M

4/16/2006 12:28 pm

Vrec, I'll see if I can get a pair and when you feel brave enough to go out in public I will help you in the parking lot across the street.

vrec_dawn replies on 4/16/2006 6:53 pm:
Maybe that should be the next M&G. Everyone skate around the parking lot. I'll set up a BBQ in my front yard.

singleagain53578 48F

4/16/2006 7:55 pm

Hey I will be there! Sounds like fun! BRAT.. I still have not tried mine out yet. You are going to have to keep me from falling. Maybe I should go back to Vinny's and rent that front wheeled walker?


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