Happy BDay Niece... Cousin  

vrec_dawn 41M
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5/7/2006 6:20 pm
Happy BDay Niece... Cousin

It's so weird having a cousin so young. It's like, am I uncle, or cousin? Neither really seems right. Oh well.

So it was a fun day. She just got a new puppy. She had presents and cake, of course. And it was a pizza lunch. But this party was more for the family than for her friends. That's another party. I don't know how people can afford to be parents.

But so, as happens so often when you get my family together, up starts a game of croquet!

And as the beers disappeared we played game after game after game. By the last one my uncle was totally smashed to the point that he kept moving his turn up sooner and sooner from last until eventually he was going second ... of the eleven people playing. And whenever we'd try to explain to him that he was going out of turn he'd call us cheaters. Because it's been fifteen minutes (two people) since his last turn and he's seen us all go before him (again, two people, of eleven) so we were the cheaters.

We gave up trying to argue with him and just let him go whenever he felt like it, even if he managed to get three turns in one round. He couldn't hit the ball straight to save his life, and fortunately he was the first person out, so we no longer had to put up with being called cheaters at that point.

Oh but it was fun.

Nah, actually, it was. We were all laughing our asses off because we weren't that drunk and we all knew the truth. We even had the order that everyone went in memorized. Funny that, when you had to keep repeating it to him. I just feel sorry for my aunt who has to put up with him for the rest of the night. Well, and my niece ... cousin ... whichever, that has to live with daddy being 'goofy' on her birthday. Ah well.

And my grandpa, who's bedridden, gave us a call and we passed around the phone. He was depressed about not being able to be there, of course. And we all tried to cheer him up, of course. But nothing ever works. **sigh** It's like, what do you do? Oh well. I'll be seeing him on Friday for my grandma's birthday, so maybe we'll manage to cheer him up yet. At least for a while.

Anywho, it really was a good day. I'm totally wiped. Several rounds of croquet can do that.

And I also got to rescue a kite from a tree with a really big stick, skip stones across a pond, watch kids catch tadpoles with a butterfly net, and watch drunk adults play with some kid toy that goes around your ankle and you get it to spin around as you skip over it. It really was a fun day. But now I'm ready to crash.

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