Hangin' Out With The Fam  

vrec_dawn 41M
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4/7/2006 3:42 pm
Hangin' Out With The Fam

Well, tonight I'm going to be spending time with my grandpa. (Well, and grandma, aunt, and uncle too, but mostly going to see grandpa.) It's weird. He's getting so old. The last time I came up to see him he could barely even remember who I was. There were times I wasn't even sure he remembered who he was. His brain is failing almost as badly as his body. It's so hard to see the man that just five years ago, if you asked "How are you doing?" he'd reply "Fat and sassy!", and he was. Now he's thin as a toothpick because he won't eat, and he can barely even hold together the thread of a conversation. It's so sad.

Though, according to my aunt, he's gotten a lot better now that he has a hospital bed in his room. She says that he's even eating again. Which is why I'm building up the nerve to visit with them all tonight.

I feel so guilty for avoiding going over there to see him, but it's so weird having a conversation with a dying man that you've respected for all of your life and now can't even remember who you are. I dunno. It's just so sad to see him like that.

But so, tonight, I'm hangin' out with the fam.

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