Erotic Story - His Birthday  

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Erotic Story - His Birthday

She met him at the door in a translucent black nighty. Her cold nipples pressed against the fabric invitingly. He grinned and she took the opportunity to kiss him dartigly. She grabbed the front of his shirt and led him through the door. He followed her lead.

Up the stairs they went, up, to the bedroom. She threw him onto the bed forcefully. It was his birthday, his day, and this was going to be all about him.

Hungrily she ripped open his fly and pulled down his briefs, revealing his hot manhood. She sank her wet lips around it and squeezed them tight as she took him in as far as she could take. She swirled her tongue around him to make him slippery before she began to slide her lips and tongue up and down his length. He gasped in surprise.

Up and down, up and down, she worked with building speed. Her hand slid down through the hole in his clothes to cup his balls, and as she sucked, her fingers massaged.

She felt him nearing climax, but now was not the time. With a painful lethargy she drew her lips away, leaving him quivering with nearly completed frustration. He started to object, but her lips came up to press against his. Her breath was hot on his face as she worked his belt open and slid his pants down, down, off.

She wrapped his shaking cock in the warmth of her legs as her hands worked slowly on the buttons of his shirt. When she reached the top she slid his shirt open, revealing his chest. Her lips wrapped around a nipple, drawing a moan from deep within his soul. She nibbled lightly and he writhed beneath her. She rubbed his other nipple as she sucked firmly and he bucked lightly. His quiet scream rent the heavy air.

Just when the thrusts of his cock between her legs was close to becoming too much to contain him she ripped his open shirt up over his head at the same time that she slid her feet into his briefs and rode them down his legs. Her slippery hot pussy enclosed around his reaching sword and he gasped in amazement, for once too stunned to groan.

She pressed her body firmly against his as she rode him, rode him, rode him. It was amazing how long it took with him that close to climax. He finally came though, filling her with his love. She shuddered with him, brought to her own climax by the heat and throbbing of his, and as she clenched and shook her screamed in orgasm a second time.

They laid there, together, basking in the warm glow of each other. It was a magical night, and it had only just begun.

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