Demented Thoughts From A Demented Man  

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3/31/2006 6:54 pm

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Demented Thoughts From A Demented Man

Rant 1:

I just remembered this. The other day I was listening to public radio and this woman called in and went on a total rampage on the air because she was upset that a certain poll (in her mind) didn't treat substance abuse as a disease, ranting about having to overcome stigmas yada yada.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think anyone who is addicted to whatever, be it drink, smoke, or something harder, should be given the opportunity of aid to help break the addiction. And in cases where the addiction is especially harmful, much more so. I'm all in favor of that.

But come on. Harmful stigma? It's a disease?

A disease is something you get. Either through a fluke of genetics you're born with it, or through a fluke of circumstance you acquire it. But it's always a strange and unfortunate matter of chance. No one goes and gives themselves mono. And if they did, well der, then they rather deserve the harmful stigma. I mean if I shoot myself up with harmful bacteria and virus concoction, I certainly have no room to complain when I get sick from it. That's like stabbing yourself in the leg and then complaining that your leg hurts. Duh!

A chemical dependancy is more or less always by choice. (Rare special instances for crack babies and such exist, but are, by comparison, extremely rare.) So anyone who goes and gets themself all hopped up on whatever on such a regular basis as to become addicted only has theirselves to blame. They have no room to complain. It's not like they just picked up an addiction to whatever from a coworker one day. Or got it from an undercooked chicken. They got it because they repeatedly put the chemical into their body, knowing full well it was not a good idea to do so.

Should they be given help to break the addiction and ride out the negative effects of detoxing? Damn skippy. Do they have the right to get all huffy if someone should happen to look down their nose at them for doing something so stupid in the first place? Of course not. Not that everyone should, I'd hope most of us are better than being that snobbish, but still, if someone does, it's pretty well deserved, because it's not like it could have even remotely happened by accident or ignorance.

Rant 2:

As I was walking earlier today (thank goodness the rain stopped) I was thinking about my thoughts on Christianity and Judaism. I mean, basically, they started out as the same religion. It was only until Jesus came on the scene that they really diverged into two seperate messes. But anywho, as I tumbled over various things, I came across one that struck me as really odd.

Jews used to sacrifice animals to cleanse themselves of sin. I mean that was the whole big thing about Christianity. Jesus died on the cross to replace that process. God sacrified his son so that we wouldn't have to kill little baby sheep anymore just to avoid burning in hell. Or some such, as the story goes.

But what really struck me funny was that at some point society decided that killing animals for religion is wrong.

We're more or less okay with killing an animal for the munchies. Steak for dinner? Yum yum! And don't forget all the burgers!

We're more or less okay with killing an animal for clothing. I'm cold! Where's my fur coat? Where's my leather jacket? I need my leather purse, my leather shoes, yada yada.

We're even okay with killing an animal out of boredom. Have nothing better to do? Want to stuff and mount something new on the wall? Go out and shoot a deer.

But god forbid that anyone kill an animal to cleanse their immortal soul of evil?

I don't know. Somehow the logic seems to fail me. Not that I sacrifice cats or any such thing. Not out of any moral dilema, but simply for lack of a reason. (Well, and maybe not cats. I like cats. Cows however are stupid. I don't mind eating them.) But I find it immensely funny as a witch that it's Judaism (and therefore by having started from being the same religion, Christianity) that started out with these very practices. Yet it's the Christians that get all up in arms about those evil devil worshippers and their animal sacrifices. Do these people even realize that their religion was founded on this practice and that it was at one time very socially acceptable? Do they get the whole scene where Jesus is highly pissed off and goes on a little hissy fit because the temples are selling the sacrified meat in the markets? Hell, for that matter, do they remotely understand the importance of the sacrifice of Jesus and what it really (supposedly) means?

It's funny that only just now is this all striking me. But it's certainly good for a laugh!

Rant 3:

Coming home the other day, west through the beltline in Madison, a tractor, hauling a big trailer, was mosying down Interstate 12, doing 15MPH, and not even fitting in a single lane. Now this is Wisconsin, and I really have no problem with farmers doing this in, well, acceptable areas. But passing by the Gammon road exit on the beltline?!?!?!?!?! That's really flirking ballsy. And it was a HUGE hazard. I mean it was hundreds of accidents waiting to happen. If you want to do 15 in a 55 zone, at least don't do it in the middle of the most congested and heavily used road in the area so close to peak hour traffic! You really have to appreciate those minimum speed limit laws in Illinois and the like. I wish Wisconsin would adopt some, at least for special places where being an idiot can be so dangerous. Some people need to be smacked.

Anywhen, that's enough ranting for one night.

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3/31/2006 8:57 pm

Rant #1: AMEN.

*applause and stuff*
Or *applesauce* if you're hungry.

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