Death and Drek ... Or Not  

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4/5/2006 7:15 pm
Death and Drek ... Or Not

Well, I just did the prelims on my taxes. (The EZ forms, since I'm lazy and have nothing to deduct or kids to claim anyway.) I'll print off the real copies at work tomorrow, since I have no printer at the moment.

And it amazes me that the WI-Z form won't let you save your changes to it like the 1040-EZ will. The real stumper is that the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue claims that you can't save your changes to the PDF because Adobe won't let you with the free Acrobat Reader. Funny. The IRS seemed to have no problems figuring out how to make their form savable with that very same free version of Acrobat. I'm surprised that Adobe doesn't litigate the Wisconsin DoR for libel. Clearly their free Acrobat Reader can save files.

On the WI-Z form:
"Acrobat does not allow you to save your completed form.
Read more at ...

And at the WI-DoR address indicated:
"You cannot save your completed form to your PC hard drive or disk. Our fill-in forms are a service that enables you to take a blank form, enter data into it, and print it only. In order to save this file and the data you entered, you must purchase additional software through Adobe."

Both of these statements are clearly and patently false. Acrobat will let you save the changes. The 1040-EZ form lets you save its changes. So it has nothing to do with what the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader will let you do.

So nice to see the state of Wisconsin doing everything in their power to make taxes easier. Such as not even being able to fit the entire contents of the form on one page, like the 1040-EZ does. Funny how the WI-Z is notably more complicated than the 1040-EZ is.

I guess that's the power of the state government at work for you.

I'd considered doing e-filing this year. They push it so hard because it saves them a lot of money to not have to deal with paper and mail and such. Screw that! If they're going to make it so much more complicated than it needs to be, then I'm going to make it as expensive for them as I can. Nuts to them. How's that for passive-aggressive?

But on a positive note, I don't owe the government extra money for taxes! Yay! I was so afraid that I would this year. (Which is why I'd put off doing them for so long.)

Oh, and another scary experience for me that turned out okay: Tonight, for the first time since my bedroom went up in flames, I lit a candle. Oooh.

I know it's really like no big deal. But yet ... it was. I dunno. The mind is funny. I know it's not like a candle is just gonna blow up on me ... but yet I was nervous about it. Yet the laws of physics still apply. No spontaneous combustions.

But so anyway, tonight has had two good events.

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