Churches Are A Menace!  

vrec_dawn 41M
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4/16/2006 8:10 am
Churches Are A Menace!

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for religion when it makes someone happy. But churches are a freaking menace! Why? Because they never have enough parking.

Because it was raining, my ex asked me to drop her off at church. I was only about to start skating in my basement again, so it wasn't like I was busy. I said sure.

And so while trying to get near the church, all of these dumbasses are acting like they own every inch of the road and can just drive, or park, wherever, regardless of those little things like rules, laws, or even basic courtesy. And this is going on way beyond the block the church sits on because there's just not enough parking!

A menace I say.

But, on the plus side, for the first time in nearly a month now, the ex and I actually talked. She's appearantly (which is why she's going to church) trying to reach a good place again. Because she's sick of the BS with her boyfriend. Does he love her, doesn't he, yada yada.

So I dunno. Maybe if she really does get into that good place, I won't snap one day and kill her. **LOL** She was actually almost personable again.

I still don't love her. But maybe, just maybe, we might still end up friends at least. At least as long as I don't have to drive her to church regularly. **LOL**

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