Camping In My Backyard Again  

vrec_dawn 41M
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5/29/2006 6:17 am
Camping In My Backyard Again

Well, I had another fire in my backyard last night. Some friends and their families came over. We cooked hot dogs and smores. It was an impromptu sort of thing, because I hadn't been sure if I would even be up to it, but I just decided to do it, so I did. And it was fun.

And then after everyone left and I'd finished cleaning up (well, more or less) I just sat back and watched the fire dwindle down. It was well after 11 when it finally turned to coals. Actually, truth be told, there was still a log going then, so it may have gone on a lot longer. But that was when I retired. It was a very small fire by then, and safely in the pit, so I just let it go.

It's so much fun to watch kids. They still have that sparkle for life where everything is new and fascinating. I can't imagine a world without them. Though I'm still not certain if I want my own or not. I've so many parenting ideas that'd be nice to try. And sometimes I really think I could be a good dad. (And sometimes I worry because I never had a dad that I just don't know how.) But that pang or whatever that people get that makes them want kids, really want them, I've just never had. Maybe I just haven't met the right woman to be the mother of my kids yet though. I'm picky there; probably much more so than I am for my own sake.

Anywho, so after the fire died down and I gave up out of exhaustion, I crawled into the tent in my backyard and crashed. And that was fun too.

Now I have a small dilema though. I've officially burned up all of my wood. All I was using were some maple and apple branches I'd trimmed off of my trees last year. But now they're all gone. Even if I trim this year's growth (which it's a bit late to I'd think) they still wouldn't dry out in time to be useful I'd think. Even if the walnut could desperately use a trim. I've never gotten around to that beast. But isn't it too late in the season now? And wouldn't I have to wait a year for the wood to dry out? Oh well. I've got a friend who's willing to donate some more wood, but that'll probably only serve another fire, maybe two.

Hot dogs and smores aren't really healthy dinners anyway.

And today I've a family gathering that I was just informed of last night. That should be fun too. Probably more croquet. And drinking.

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