Brains On The Brain  

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7/12/2006 2:39 pm
Brains On The Brain

Yes, I wrote this after my apology. But hopefully I remember not to upload it in that order.

So, I've been thinking about that delicate balance/dominance of the hemispheres in that squishy thing up there and how it supposedly affects us. It's been years since I've taken any tests and I thought it'd be interesting to see if I'd changed noticably, or if my current sleep-deprived state noticably alters the tests. I'm not sure how I'd have proved much of that with so many variables involved, but I was curious to see what came up none the less.

For note, past tests have always revealed a pretty solid balance all around for me, though I do tend to lean slightly more towards visual than aural it's not by much and my left/right balance tends to be pretty even.

Now, here are the results of four quick free tests that I just took online (because no one test should ever be fully trusted). Too bad I can't link to them.

Auditory : 42%
Visual : 57%
Left : 57%
Right : 42%

You are center brained, with a tendancy to think towards your right side.

Left: 12
Right: 10
You are left brain dominant.

You are Right-brained.

So there you go. I'm reading that as still pretty balanced. I guess nothing has really changed, not even from a lack of sleep. I guess. Though maybe the lack of sleep has affected me and I have changed, but the two cancelled each other out. No way to prove either I suppose, but the former is more simple than the latter.

What does it all really mean though? Beats the ever-loving drek out of me. I guess as I've said before, I am all things. Sometimes I'm balanced. Sometimes I'm extreme; either extreme. And sometimes I'm a living contradiction. What you get out of me on any given day is up to the gods.

I'm also curious to know: Do you believe in this form of analysis? Do tests like these have meaning to you? Do you think they're accurate? Or is it all $#!7 to you?

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