A recent encounter from AFF  

volim 54M
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6/1/2005 4:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A recent encounter from AFF

Recently I met up with a lady from AdultFriendFinder who was in LOVE with being spanked. Let me tell you the story…

I met her on AdultFriendFinder and she IM’d me later, we got to chatting about our likes and fantasies, and she let me know how much she liked being spanked. I was happy to fulfill her desire so we met at her house, and I took charge.

After our hello, and a nice, hot, deep, kiss, we went off to the bedroom. She had shaved herself, as I had asked, since I always keep myself nice and clean, and was wearing a VERY short skirt and a white shirt, tied just below her breasts!

After a few more deep, and sexy kisses, I bent her over my knee and started slapping her full, hot, bottom with my palm. I didn’t hold back! She wanted spanked, and I gave her everything! In between my slaps I sang first one, the two, then three fingers inside her wet pussy. So, it was slap, then finger fuck, then slap….until she was moaning, and writhing on my lap.

After I finished with her punishment I took off all her clothes and laid her back on the bed. Now it was my turn to fulfill some fantasies! I buried my face in her hairless crotch and began to swirl my tongue around her clit. She arched her already wet pussy at me, and I began to suck on her clit like no tomorrow! She must have cum 3 times until I’d had my fill of that sexy pussy!

She rolled me over and hopped on top sucking on my rock hard dick, and lowering her pussy on my face for some more tongue attention. Soon she had me ready to blow with her technique and I pushed her down until she was on top of my pole. When she was in position, I drove myself into her from the reverse cowboy position, and I thought she would cum right then and there!

We went at it for a while until I couldn’t take the pressure any longer, and I emptied myself into her! But she was still eager for more, and repeated the scene several times. First I give her a spanking, then she’d give me superb head, then we’d end by fucking in a different position each time…….

Just goes to prove that there is a lot of fun to be had with the HOT ladies of AdultFriendFinder! You just have to find the right one! Jeannie, I hope you’re reading this, and it’s getting you as hot as it is me recounting it! Just to let you know, we’re gonna do it again soon!!

rm_txrose4uNTX 58F
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6/1/2005 6:30 pm

Sounds like y'all had a great time.... Good PR for the AdultFriendFinder... and encouraging to those who don't seem to find the right playmate.....

ps Spanking can be a lot of fun.... even during the action.

volim 54M

6/1/2005 7:05 pm

Yeah, was my 1st encounter w/ spanking, and IT WAS FUN....lot's during and after!

Beautiful4ualso 52F

6/2/2005 9:24 pm

Good for you! It appears that you both had lots of FUN!

flow562 76F
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11/7/2005 9:19 am


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