The Drought is Over!  

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3/31/2006 6:29 am

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The Drought is Over!

After a couple of close calls a couple of weeks ago, I finally had a date that ended the way an AdultFriendFinder date should. (For those of you looking for a pattern, 8 dates...first date sex...4 dates...crash and burn with two good kisses and potential for second dates that never happened, but not because of me!) As I blogged before in "Those Long Awaited Emails" from March 22nd, this lady seemed to really have a sensual potential about her that I would enjoy. Well as it turns out this woman is on AdultFriendFinder for all the right reasons.
I met her at an Olympia Golf Club of all places; we talked and chatted for about an hour and a half. She is a pretty blonde and clearly I really engaged with her mind! I assume nothing and when she decided it was time to go to her place, I was very pleased. She even paid for our meal.
We talked before about me taking photos of her and she dove right in. Uninhibited and looking delightful, she posed for the camera in two different sets of lingerie. After a while, she found herself anxious enough that she had to use a toy. I fully documented this while I myself struggled to keep my breath. After potentially an hour or so, I decided that the camera had enjoyed the show enough. I now moved to a participatory mode and helped her along to a couple of orgasms with my touch and tongue. She was enjoying herself quite nicely thank you. There is not a better feeling than when a woman enjoys herself during a sexual encounter.
She eventually discovered me and let me know in no uncertain terms that "I have to have that in my mouth".
I am a giving man and rolled with her desires. Our time was short and she was so good! I wasn't nearly finished with her yet so I had to tell her to settle down. I was really enjoying the sensual show that was being produced. I played my gentle game of cock in pussy. Slowly, teasingly while watching her face (I am so visual). I would nearly pull out and then suddenly push back into her, enjoying each reaction as a separate entity. I wanted to move to different positions, but I could see, that her enjoyment was very evident and entertaining.There was truly no sense in ruining a good thing!
When I did cum inside her, she had to ask "are you all right?" with my violent release. Our time together was brief. Really, only about four hours in all; I consider it quality time with a beautiful lady!

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3/31/2006 8:23 am

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woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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