The Desire of a Seduction  

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10/26/2005 9:30 am

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The Desire of a Seduction

I am longing to meet Mrs. Robinson! Most guys do, but I have a particular affliction with the more aggressive, wear your sensuality on your sleeve type of woman.

One time in college (I went to what is now Western Oregon University), my roommate hosted his girlfriend and her friend Cheri from a college in Idaho. I left my roommate alone and moved to another dorm room down the hall for the night, as did Cheri. I was never the kind of guy that assumed a girl was mine for the evening. Through the night, we got closer and closer physically and was I surprised when late in the night, she climbed on top of me for a ride. It is incredibly exciting to be surprised and I still have vivid flashbacks of that night and a couple of others with Cheri (including one in Idaho). While that wasn't much of a seduction, It was probably as close to one as I have had in a lot of years.

By definition, wouldn't a seduction occur when one party is not completely willing or not attracted to the other?

A woman overcoming the odds to seduce a man is I would think relatively rare. Seldom would you seduce the willing.

Men on the other hand, must exercise the power of seduction far more often. That is probably why it is such a thrill to be on the receiving end of such an art form once in a while.

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