Bad Girl! I must Take Your Toys Away  

volcanoinu23 54M
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4/4/2006 9:58 am
Bad Girl! I must Take Your Toys Away

Our second date progressed nicely! Two weeks slipped by between our first and second dates and the sexual tension was incredible. The first was so smooth and easy without any of the usual awkward moments usually associated with an initial encounter. I knew that the pleasures we would encounter on our second would far exceed those of the first.

I shared the spotlight with your toys on the first date, but this time I had a plan to be a little more hands on! As you lay back on your bed this time, I began to touch you; at first, over and on the flimsy lingerie giving way in the candlelit light. I observed you from head to toe. The high heel shoes you wore from your bathroom to your bed was such a gift. The black thigh stockings added to the voyeuristic scene. I imagined how those clad legs would wrap the region of my ass sometime this evening. Gently stripping the material away from your body so I was ultimately allowed full and total access. I touched, caressed and fondled with all of you. I moved your panties aside and felt with a single finger for that moisture that was surely present. That and additional fingers lingered, playing, feeling the folds of the region that gave you so much pleasure. Soon, my mouth, mainly tongue, darted in from time to time, to add a slightly different sensation to the mix.

As expected, you became almost breathless and started out crying for a toy. I laughed and continued to play. “You will get your toy soon enough” I purred. “Do you trust me”?

This was important because I remember on your profile it indicated that you were not interested in anything that was bondage related. I approached cautiously. You giggled and took that as my cue.

I grabbed two silk ties from my bag of goodies and grabbed your right wrist. I fastened it to the headboard and reached for your left wrist. Your breath was coming faster now as I somewhat awkwardly tied it off to the bed’s base. I had you, and all negative thoughts about bondage seemed to be nowhere in sight. Besides, I prefer the term “sensual bondage”!

With your hands firmly secured above your head, I began a complete inspection of your beautiful body; there like a stick of dynamite…fuse lit! I kissed and fondled your breasts. The fire made limited progress there; so I made my way towards your stomach and button, kissing playfully along the way. Finally, I found my way to your apex and began a placid kneading of the vicinity with my lips and tongue. You began to vocalize a desire for a toy and this time, I was prepared for my proper response!

You would get your toy, but you were not going to be in charge of its operation!

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