Adventures of a Male Shopaholic (Part 2)  

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10/28/2005 10:55 am

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Adventures of a Male Shopaholic (Part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about some of the words that strike me in a female profile. Men are visual creatures though and I want to show you what type of photos really get to me. I have said many times that pussy and breast shots "out of context" do nothing for me. These types of photos drive me crazy! Here is one that I ran into just this morning!

2HotnSexyLkn4Fun kathy4funn [] tempest2s1 ClassyWaLady Kismenot

You will probably find a common thread to a lot of my favorite photos. Legs. I am into legs and so much wish to have smooth, fleshy legs wrapped my ass, back or even neck. A woman on a short skirt, and I am not talking about waist high either, or a dress with an elegant slit will send the my blood to my shoulders (as well as many other locations).

Diva_Debauchery I love the flowing long hair!

Those are just a few of the photos and styles that get my attention. Every man is a little different, but if you find one that I might like out there, by all means, send it to me! I love eye candy! I am going to add more as I find them.

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