Lustfull???? Or Temptation??  

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4/28/2006 9:43 pm

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Lustfull???? Or Temptation??

I noticed you
Your chiseled chest.
The way you maneuvered yourself
Like a lion in heat.
But still,i remain
Scoping my prey
As you prey on others.
Oh yes,a drink or two
Will get you no where.
But still,i look on
Waiting for you
To notice me.
Unnoticeable flirtation
Yet i'm still
trapped in this charisma
that you undeniably have.
My imagination over comes
any reality that i may have left.
I sip my drink
knowing that you'll glance over
soon enough.
I am the "patient" one.
One who already knows
your secrets,hidden infatuation.
You will have me
But ..unknown to you
Is when....
Only i know when.....
When the moment is right...
Yes,thats right,
I dare you
Flirt with me
And you will crave no other.
I am the one,who sits quietly
in the shadows
Observing you,
as you observe those around you.
I shrug my shoulder
You silly fool
I am the one that you have ever craved
The one where you can taste me in your sleep.
Go your game of cat and mouse
But it's me you desire......
It's me who can fulfill you
like no other..
Purring,i await you..
Eyes so blue..
your taken back....
I purr yet again
and your tempted
A soft smile appears
Flirtation begins it's 1st round.
I light my cigarette
My 1st drink, you...
At last we meet
One long drag,a sip of my wine
Layed back in my chair
I await you.
Oh the fun i can have
races through my mind. erotic
A pulsing in my groin.
Wetting your lips
as your lips linger on my tummy.
I through my head back
Loooonnnng hair
That you could only imagine pulling

Such thoughts embellish my mind.
Vivid turn ons
My legs in the air
Hands that pull you closer
The silkiness of your tongue
Warm wet liquid
You devour
I grind against your mouth
Facing a mirror
That is only available to us.
My breathing,becoming more and more
Escalated,fucking your mouth
I pump yet again....
Pressure...your tongue
sucking my most inner parts
of parts....
Bringing out the most
animalistic that i vowed to
hold's the one thing
that belongs to me
I treasure it,
Like a sacred burial ground.
Fuck me....fuck me with your tongue
Screaming out,into the air
In which the air is silent.
Unable to control myself
I release,
Hands gripping my ass
Swallowing as if you were deprived of water

So i continue to observe you,Crossing my legs
To make it less noticeable

Ohhhh the fantasies in which i endure myself in.
I shift positions
Sip my drink
Another long puff on my cigarette.

Well i'll assume i've already had you
I speak under my breathe.

After all was this my fantasy?
Or did such explosive happenings
Really happen?

I assume the wetness
that i feel trickle
in between my thighs????

Kisses miss vixen xxxooo.

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