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You walked up to me in the grocery store,handed me flowers and told me i was beautiful.I must have been dreaming.We met again for drinks this time,our "first" date and you told me you loved my smile.I thought i was dreaming.You had a way of looking at me,i thought you could see right through me.It felt like a dream.The first time we made love,your gentle touch and sweet kisses.I was,for that moment in time dreaming.Our first one year anniversary,you surprised me with a trip to Paris.To the place of love and romance.It was a dream come true.Three years later we were married with two beautiful children.I see your face and charisma in both of them.What a dream.Seven years later,i thought my spirit could go no higher.I was in my own clouds of dreams.One year later,i came home from work early,only to surprise you with a gift,that gift was me,wanting to have you.A dream that you craved.Only for me to walk in the room and see your body embellished in the arms of another.I must have been dreaming.My skin flushed in turmoil,my mind a haze.I thought i was seeing things.Please tell me i was dreaming.I forgave you that time,thinking love would conquer all.I was such a silly girl,still believing in dreams.Many months later,i'm driving by MotelX,only to glance over and see your car parked there.What kind of dream am i living?I question myself,i kept on driving.To know that your in lust with another,or greater yet,in love with another,is my worst nightmare.You came home that evening,thinking all was fine,not having a clue,of where my emotions lay.You must have been dreaming.The kids with my parents,i planned an intimate dinner.Candles and wine,the scent of my perfume lingers in the air.Dressed in silk and leather,your favourite outfit on me.I looked like a dream.As i pour the wine,as red as your blood,you give me that look where you want to taste all of me.I think back to the dreams i once had.Pain and love runs like a river,through every vein in my body,but yet i smile,that devious smile,that you onced loved.We were both dreaming.Bending over i kiss your lips one last time.The taste of hunger and warmth lingers on my lips.Dreams long gone flood through my mind.The bearing of a blade,is what you feel slice through you.You wish you were dreaming.As life drains from you,you ask me why?I speak of betrayal,love and hate.Of a dream that i had,of you and i being together ..forever.You lay there,still and quiet,tears streaming my face,uncapable of stopping.Dreaming of the years we shared of happiness and sorrow.The blade drops to the floor,leaving droplets of wet red paint.Wake me up i scream.My dreams becoming reality.Please,please,tell me i was dreaming.........................................miss vixen xxxooo.

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4/9/2006 3:03 pm


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4/9/2006 5:57 pm

Thank you bluegirl39,yes i must say my imagination sometimes gets the best of me....miss vixen......thank you for stopping by,i hope you stop by ,yet again,to read my next creation.....

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