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Those were the days of my college, while I was in my diploma.
I used to go to my village and spend my time there, whenever I get holidays.
Most of the time, we used to go on strike, while I was studying diploma - as there were no good labs, no good lecture halls, and, lack of lecturers.
This is a real, and, most exciting of my whole life-time experience.
Here's something about my personal.
I'm a Loving, Fun-Loving, Caring, Caressing, Romantic, and, Helping guy.
I'm from Bangalore, I'm NOT a drinker - Not a smoker, at least.
I'm not interested in sex, but in romance, and, flirting - Though, I'm not daring, also, not dynamic.
In that village, mine is a very big house, and, all nearby houses are small.
Toilet is on the road side, and, while taking batch, I could see the people walking on the road.
As it was very old built, it has very big windows, just like our normal windows, say, 4ft height, and, 3ft width. But, as my house was above the normal level - it is at least 4 ft height, to other houses, so, road-side walkers can't see anyone, who's in the toilet, but, we can see everyone, walking on the road.
There is some small straight vertical road, which has dead-end, has few houses there, on that road, opposite to my toilet's window.
One day, while I was talking bath, casually, when I saw into that road, there was one young lady, in a saree, sitting in front of her house.
I donno why, but, just simply, I was looking at her, and, was taking my bath.
She came to know that, I'm observing her.
Still, she was sitting there, and, once in a while checking, whether, still, I was watching her, or, not.
This happened for about 10 to 15 minutes, and, for at least 10 times.
Wow, She's really very cute. She was in her teens, and, very fair in color, also, very good looking.
After about 15 minutes, she passed a very cute smile, and, left into her house.
Until that moment, I never thought anything romantic, or, sexy about that lady.
But, after looking her smiling at me, I donno, but, I started thinking her.
And, that time, as I was in teens, and, as I don't have a girl friend, and, as I never had an opportunity, looking a girl nude, my curiosity on her increased, automatically.
We've a provisions shop, and, on that afternoon, that girl has come to my shop, and, now, I got a clear, closer look at her.
She is looking even more cute, innocent, and, gorgeous.
She's looking little bit fat, with normal height, and, very good face-cut, and, very fair in color.
She's great, huge boobs, and, big ass too.
I almost stared at her beauty, and, at her boobs, for all the time, she was there.
I never have seen that girl before, and, upon enquiry, with my parents, I came to know that, she got married recently, to one of the boys of my village, and, has come here.
As I don't have any other work, I used to think her (for no reason), and, dream her.
I couldn't sleep on that night, simply thinking her beauty, and, her huge boobs.
Next day, I got up lately, as I don't have a proper sleep, last night.
It was about 9 AM. Generally, in villages, its very abnormal, getting up, after 7 AM.
Everyone getup, very early in the morning, say, before 5 Am, and, go to fields.
So, generally, after 9 AM, it will be very calm, in the village, as all the labor go to fields, and, students too go to schools, and, it was very calm, and, pleasant.
It was about 9.30 AM, when I was taking bath, and, as usual, when I saw through my toilet window, that same lady was sitting there, and, was smiling, looking at me.
I too smiled at her, and, this time, I concentrated staring at her huge boobs - though, she was abt 100 mts. far, I can easily see her huge, ripen very big coconut like boobs, of course, hiding in her blouse, and, behind her saree.
And, I couldn't resist myself, and, removed my under-wear, and, catch hold of my dick, in my fist, and, started masturbating.
My penis grown into its giant size, about 8 inch in length, and, 2 inch round.
It was my first time, while watching a sweet teenager girl, very good looking, and, with MASSIVE BOOBS, while staring at her beauty, and, BOOBS, masturbating.
I enjoyed a lot. It was like my first real sex-experience, though, it was not, I felt like it was my real sexperience.
Its the same, routine work for me, for about 3 days, watching her, though my toilet window, and, masturbating, staring at her MASSIVE MELONS.
After few days, as usual, as I was taking the bath, looking for her, through my toilet window, but, she was not there, on that day.
I was upset.
She's come after 10 min., rolled in a saree, around her body, and, its pallu on her shoulders.
I understand like, she has finished her bath, and, she came out, for something - may be, to pick her towel, or, her dress, which were made hanging outside her house (to make them, dry.)
She was in hurry, and, she was not wrapped completely in her saree, also, not properly wrapped, to hide all her beautiful assets.
When she was standing sideways, I could clearly see her HUGE, MASSIVE BOOBS, hiding behind her saree pallu. She was not wearing a bra, yet.
WOW. I thought, it was my life-time opportunity, watching her slightly swinging MASSIVE BOOBS, trying to hide behind her saree pallu.
I was trying to estimate her SIZES - Chest may be, 40+, or, even more. CUP SIZE must be at least D, or, DD, or, even more.
As usual, that day too, I had sleepless night, simply thinking, and, feeling her assets, in my hands - palming her MASSIVE MELONS, Holding them, Caressing them, squeezing them, rubbing on them with my face, and, licking her nipples, and, BOOBS.
I couldn't restrict myself, thinking her, and, at least 8 times i've masturbated, on that night, simply dreaming her massive assets.
May be since then, I become a BOOBS lover.
When it was 3 AM, I thought, it was too late, and, I was still awaken, and, its better at least trying sleeping then.
Then, I kept the alarm, to 7 AM, and, went to sleep.
I woke up, at 7 AM, when the alarm rang, and, though, I was tiresome because of lack of sleep, I woke up, and, went to the toilet, and, after pissing, unloaded once again, masturbating about that horny MASSIVE BOOBS girl.
After having my coffee, I went to my upstairs, and, just keep watching the surroundings.
Then, there was some strange idea, about watching that girl's house - WOW, it was a great wonder for me, I never have observed that before.
Their toilet's roof was top-open.
I knew that, in villages, its too common for middle-class, and, below-middle-class families, with their toilet roofs open, but, I never observe them, until then.
After spending sometime, watching the surroundings of my house, and, that girl's roof-less toilet, I was eagerly awaiting there, for my girl.
She has come after 10 min. in to her toilet, to wash her hands, and, left from there immediately.
I couldn't make, whether she already had finished her bath, or, not.
I spent for half-an-hour more, awaiting her.
She's come, with her towel, and, dress, so, I thought, she's gonna take her bath, NOW.
It was a real feast to my eyes, mind, thoughts, body, also, for my soul - watching her nude, taking her bath.

I'll continue this, in my next write-ups - About watching her nude, flirting, and, romancing with her, and, playing with her MASSIVE MELONS.

Any interesting Bangalore girls there?

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