Some of us are real, so how to get us???  

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3/29/2006 1:46 pm

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Some of us are real, so how to get us???

I have heard many a complaint by my virtual guy friends about to lack of viable female options for them on a site like this.

There are so many female bots out there or women who are not quite what they advertise that it is hard for them to get anywhere.

Here are some things that I have observed that may be of help, although I do agree that the mathematical odds are unfortunately against you.

1)If you are going to put a picture of your dick as the main picture, when you do get someone interested, be prepared that you are going to likely get a certain type pf woman. If that is what you want, fine, but personally those are the ones that don’t entice me. If you want someone that wants a conversation, then put your face first.

2)When you do email a woman, do not make it generic. I realize that when you guys are playing the odds masses of emails help, but I usually depend on that first email as a first impression. Make us pay attention to what you have to say by having a positive point and stating it well. And above all else, don’t treat us like a bot. Make it specific to us as individuals.

Poor Example:
Hi, saw your profile..are you up for some fun?
------ Profile Attached -------
I'm a white professional male, 6'2" 225 lbs. brown hair and eyes. Looking for romance, excitement, and adventure.
My Reply:
You seem like a decent guy, so I am going to take the time to give you some tips.

I currently have 89 emails in my inbox from guys just like you. You may be sending emails to every potential woman that you might be interested in and I understand that the guys here have to do that in order to get any responses that are not from bots.

However, if you are really after me, you need to take the time to write something about you that will spark my interest and let me know that you are different that the average Joe.

Ok...I'm waiting... impress me with your wit, charm, or flare for the good life...or all three if you have them.


As you can see, not only does the email leave me something to be desired, but so does the profile. You guys want to see a great profile look at DarkAura. That got my attention.

3)Look for profiles that have BLOGS and then go read them. Not only can you learn more about that person, but you can weed out the bots from the “real” people. If you are reading this, then hopefully you have figured it out, but just incase it notes on the very bottom left of a profile that a person has a blog and gives a link.
NEXT: Reply to the blog and let her get to know you. I recently initiated contact with someone that read my blog and had some interesting things to say.

Okay guys, good luck...go get ‘em!

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