I have falen in love... and I don't mean with a man!  

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9/11/2006 6:14 pm

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9/13/2006 7:55 am

I have falen in love... and I don't mean with a man!

And as the headline says, it is true, I have falen in love and it's not with a man, but with a dildo, and it's made of glass! At first I could not belive my eyes when I first discovered that dildos actually where made of glass, so I got curious, and it's the best discovery I have ever made! There are so many of them in different shapes and collors, and so hard to make up ones mind about what to whant, and I whant them al! I just can't tell you what it is about them that drives me crazy, but I can tell you this, I have a glass- dildo fetish!

They are so nice and beautifull to look at that its just perfect to keep at display and to juse. Hwo would know it was a dildo at first sight, no one!! I mean why hide away dildos that look so amazing and beautifull, but the downhill about it is that they are so ekspencive! If it werent for that I would have bought them all and just ben thilld by the excitement of having them and jusing them. Even my boyfriend love it, so if I wherent to shy to tell everyone that I love dildos, I would ask them to bye a glas-dildo for my bithday and for chistmas! But I can tell you this, it is worth every penny!

They say a picture say more than a thousand words, and boy are they right abouth that, so I put in one picture of a Phallix glass dildo (so you can se for your own eyes what I am talking about). But still a picture can't tell you just how great it is. This is just the perfect thing you can give the woman in your life, or get for yourself! Why?? Because you disurve it!

Glass is actually the perfect material to juse if you want a dildo. It's hygenic, smooth and hard enough to stimulate all the areas a jelly dildo can't, and not to speak about the famous G- spot!

Theyre amazing design, makes this dildo seem as something it's not. It's so much more than just a toy, it's like art! And no one is just the same. They are hand made, and that is what make them look so stunning. And normally it takes one hour to make just one! They are werey solid, can handle most things.
Even Playboy-TV loves them, and they don't juse anything else.

So girls, I tell you this, throw out juor old dildos and get a Phallix glas dildo, I know it's expencive, but hey girls, aint we worth it. So insted of byuing a lot og jelly dildos and others that just stops working after a time, spend your money on a Phallix! You wont regret it, and you will have it for a lifetime!

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