Is it right or wrong to want to become the best sexual girl ever!  

virgin2great 35F
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7/1/2005 1:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is it right or wrong to want to become the best sexual girl ever!

being the best at sports, singing, dancing, learning, friendships, relationships, where has that gotten me. I have placed my life into a mans hand and now he tells me that since you were a virgin and you did not have that much experience, none, other then laying on my back or a few blow jobs here and there or on top a few times, was just not enough to please him. So I am on a seach to be tought and learn how to master the ways of sex, to be able to capture the man of my dreams by forfilling his every need and not just a man but a women as well, this is the only way I can be sure that I am right and he is wrong!
I never want to feel this hurt ever ever never!!!!


7/1/2005 2:25 pm

Revenge or for you?

Yes ... you can become .... but do you really want to become ... only for showing someone .... that he was wrong?

Sorry ...... Wanted to post .....but except of distance ..... your anger doesn't give me trust.

Whatever .... prefer to do and learn ..... for you and your desire

hope you will find someone

Just Me --- EAGLE KK 2005

rm_jayR63 60F
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7/1/2005 2:29 pm

That's quite a goal you've set for yourself.
I'm sure your parents are proud.

gsfun2 43M/43F  
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7/1/2005 11:12 pm

hello virgin2great, how r u? we are a bi couple that might can help you out. she is always willing to try and show something new maybe we can share new knowledge and experience together. if interested e-mail us. we're discreet and private and can be cool friends to hang out with with maybe something on the side.

freetime648 53F

7/1/2005 11:28 pm

One of the best ways to show you know what you are to NOT do it for someone else. You take the reins and not the way you are intending. Young ladies at your age allow themselves to get caught up in the sexual aspect of life. It is not as major as you think. With time comes experience. Give yourself time and you will experience it. Slow down Girl! For your sake.

xx FREETIME648 xx

rockman327 62M

7/2/2005 8:27 am

You are beautiful and sexy young woman. You will find someone who will care about you and will be patient enough to teach and/or learn what you are seeking together. Obviously your ex was not the right person. If he was he would have been patient and willing to teach/learn these things with you. Don't do this to prove your ex wrong. Don't be in such a rush. If you are willing to learn it will come in time, with someone you care about. It is all about attitude and the willingness to try new things. If you are concerned about your "rep" you don't want to come off as someone who has been around when you meet that someone special. You will not capture the man of your dreams because of your sexual prowess but because of who you are. If you do it all all do it because YOU want to.

rm_Allinside9 50M

7/2/2005 9:46 pm

Experience won't necessarliy make you a great lover. The important thing is for both you and your partner to take the time to learn each others likes and dislikes. The best partners I've had have not been about how fast you cum, or how many times you cum, or how long it lasts. You can make yourself cum with a vibrator or your own fingers and a guy can make himself cum with his hands, but it's the connection with another person that makes a lover great and makes sex with another person special. You're ex-boyfriend sounds like an ass which is a part of youth. When he is older, he will realize that great sex isn't about experience or getting off, it's about a special momment between two people. Eventually, you will find someone and realize that yourself. In the meantime, just try to enjoy yourself and don't get to stressed out about gaining experience.

virgin2great 35F

7/7/2005 10:59 am

As for the comments on myself and my outlook on what has happen to me!
#1 is Directed to:JR63 who said to me-That's quite a goal you've set for yourself.
I'm sure your parents are proud. I say to you, after searching out your postings I noticed that maybe this is a way of you placing some type of controlling under goal hurting other by reaching for what ever simple or higher level of degrading comment you maybe able to provide from your own knowledge. But as far as my parents being proud, Yes I have been a great daughter, made A,s and a few B.s in my life, My parents have never told me or commented on me being anything less the a wonderful daughter, they encourage me to grow, but they do not ask about my sexual interest, they are very well, happy adjusted, but protective parents, they did not even let me go to a movie until my sixteenth birthday, but this is fine with me, they have manage to be married for 34 years and have given my brother and I wonderful things as much as love, but weeding out my sexuality is not for there heart and I would never interfere with the love and trust they have given to me. My whole life I done and tried to be the best at everything, I guess screwing with as many men that is around was not my goal so maybe it was yours but not mine, I have a goal to better myself sexually, not by gaining numbers of sex partners, that is and never will be my point to learn how to be great at sex, the point is I do not want to be another divorce women with children and many sex partners, at a low paying job, and a complete dead life with my underachievement as to falling to be better at everything that comes my way and searching for the best partners clean and trusting them will be another part of my goal, not to fu ck who is out there, I have gotten hundred of messages but I am not jumping into a bed or where ever till I can trust the persons whom is a couple, my private parts will be private and they will learn from a couple that I admire not ones who just need a new number of young fu cks! Sorry for the bad words that are not me but this seemed rude when you mention my parents must be proud, they are and they are proud about my being with one man who is a jerk and yes my mother had a long conversation many times about sex, and my first time with him, we had the sex many times in the three years but dated during high school also, but just the simple type of sex, for whatever reason I was on my back and he on top I have never even had my private part eaten, if that is how I say that, I feel worried about how people would take it if this was broadcast, my parents are well respected and have played many roles in the town, I don't want to be with a husband who will leave me because I do not satisfied his every need and know how to satisfy my needs as well, faithfulness and no couple joining after marriage, even some women half to have that goal don't you think, one marriage is better then ten, or two and kids by different dads, on welfare, or working at a min wage job just to get by. I want better for my life not worse. Please don't judge what you must not understand, so did you never have your heart broken or kept your legs closed for just one man, I have goals and have reached many and intend on doing the same now! And Looks is important, that also pleases a man, I got my hair cut just like a very beautiful lady I met over the net and I feel great about the new look, a few high light to, and guess what my parents love it, they are always proud of me, so chill out the at and get over it and work on your own failed or already gained goals lady. Hey I love the response and you know there is another man from this site that's has took my heart by just his writings and the fact is I seen him in tupelo and he did not know it but made a mistake of telling me where he was and I watched as I noticed how his words was and seemed to be what he was acting like with his friends and band, so chill I am being safe and learning before I allow my private to be touched or seen or anything like that. I am not a child but I am learning you never stop learning and are really never the best so you should always try and not degrade what you learn! Take care, Megan B. S. Words are words and gaining trust will not simply be from an e-mail or a phone call it will be from a relationship type friendship, So maybe your search for life has ended in wonderful parent proudness about you and you may not what to be better then you are, but I will always try to be better!

virgin2great 35F

7/7/2005 11:04 am

#2 to those who think that this is a way of revenge, well why would you think that, it is not a goal of finding numbers to place in a sex screwed black phone book, this is a goal to reach a lifetime of happiness and being able to do that for my husband, boyfriend or who ever I decide. This is not a sporty screw or anything to that. Did you know exactly what to do when you done it for the first time, Hey I had to learn how to kiss and I thought everyone had to learn how to do things, not born sex goddest or god. We are here to learn from and by our own experiences, so I am allowing that when it is right! Chill take out an ice bag and understand I will get over my feeling or not understanding how to manage my man and my self, the rest is wonderful but sex had never been anything important in my life, I had a life that was not centered around sex, that was the way I was raised, grow up, go to school get a job, get a home, or apartment, put money in the bank get married then have a family not the other way around. Megan B. S.

virgin2great 35F

7/7/2005 11:05 am

PS I still got the jetters in my belly when we kissed, so how is that for no experience!

kpuwet247 54M

7/7/2005 5:36 pm

Only you can determine what is right for you. To many people think it is there job to tell everyone else how to live. You seem like a very inteligent woman who has given this a lot of thought. You have looked at cause and effect as well as just exactly what it is you want to achieve. I think we could all learn a lesson from your example. I wish you luck in your quest for knowledge and hope you find what you are looking for.

rm_Allinside9 50M

7/7/2005 7:22 pm

You go girl! To hell with what everybody else thinks, he he

virgin2great 35F

7/9/2005 1:26 pm

Thank You all, I am sorry for sounding ill, but it is a fact a women and a man needs to find out what turns them on and how to do just that to each other, that is what I am wanting not to run myself a hole in the ground but to live and live happy!

greenman365 40M
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7/10/2005 7:22 am

Hang in there, The right guy will come along and take time with you and you both will learn from each other, If your ex was so displeased he should have took time and explained what he needed and not just assumed that you knew what he liked, You are very attractive and seem to be very smart, you should not have a problem finding the right person,

rm_lileylicker 43M
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7/28/2005 5:36 am

no it is not wrong todo what u whant to learn the sex ways and some new trix of the trad of keeping your man if u whant to we can talk and see

rm_PIERCER57 60M
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9/25/2005 11:45 pm


Alton420 38M

11/22/2005 2:37 am

ok, I know I'm coming in a li'l late and everything, but I am willing to teach you all I know if you are willing to teach me all you know. I seem to be in search of the same thing your are... the best and most passionate way to please a lady... or guy in your case. hit me back up if you are interested...

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