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7/19/2006 5:39 pm

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i (heart) nj

ive noticed that anyone who has something bad to say about new jersey has never been to the state... and by been to the state, i mean they never stayed for any great length of time...

new yorkers make fun of jersey all the time... they think its a smog-ridden cesspool... thats just the view from manhattan... they think we're a bunch of low class greaseballs stuck in some mulleted timewarp, but they forget that they own staten island (shudder) and all its white trash guido families... besides... why should i live in new york city when it only costs $10 to get there by train...

californians make fun of everyone, but delight in jersey all the same... big deal, they have hollywood... thats okay... we have the sopranos... they have a couple famous beaches... we have a historic coastline, resort towns, and a city devoted to legalized gambling right on the sand... and west coast 'thugs' think they have the toughest people around... meanwhile camden, nj has been voted 'most violent city in america' (we beat detroit!)

i like people from the midwest though... they dont have much out there, so when they come here, its a marvel to behold (and this isnt a generalization, i know several who feel this way)... but most of all, i love things that make new jersey what it is...

1. weird nj - a magazine devoted entirely to haunted, abandoned and just plain strange locations that you can visit... run down houses, condemned asylums, defunct missile bases... all can be yours for $4 at any magazine stand...

2. the roads - woe be unto anyone who cannot master the roadway jug handle... or the circle for that matter... and best of all, we have a saying... "if you can read a sign, you'll never get lost in jersey"

3. the diners - when the club lets out in other states, theres no place to go to recover... but in new jersey theres a 24 hour diner on every major road... the kitchen never closes, and theres akways sure to be a story to retell in the morning before you pay at the counter...

4. reputation by region - if you live in jersey, no matter where, you have a way of life all your own... name any town and someone can tell you everything there is to know, even if that person has never actually been there... your town will define you whether you like it or not..

5. we just dont care - new jersey used to want to be manhattan... now we just dont give a shit... we used to be insignificant... now our attitude defines us... we actually get tourists who come for the world-famous beaches... we take their money and mock them as soon as they leave... as the t-shirt says, "welcome to new jersey, now go home"

MissAnnThrope 57F
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7/19/2006 9:56 pm

I don't get people who complain about jughandles and cloverleaf patterns. NJ roadways are considered the most sophisticated in the country. Who the hell wants to get all the way to the left, battling traffic, to make a left turn off the highway? Then what happens if way too many people want to turn left? It backs up the highway and causes accidents. If a jughandle gets backed up, people use the shoulder to wait and they don't cause traffic jams.

If you want big hair, don't come to NJ. Go to Long Island, where all the guidettes at the mall are still sporting Peg Bundy hair styles. Not to mention, their accents are tacky as hell.

We have the Jersey Devil. What does the rest of the country have? We have The Stone Pony, which was deemed important enough that the developers who bought it didn't tear it down, but fixed it up.

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