i would have never thought...  

viper20102 35M
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2/16/2005 9:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i would have never thought...

Today started as an normal day..i got up went to spend some time with my viet friend at her place..this girl has of many asian girls has the perfect body and some of the finest sisters..well the day progressed as we did a whole lot of nothin just watched some crzy movie called SAW.. but any how day got interesting when my friend asked me to pic up her sis from school so that she can go to school..so i did i thought nothing of it so i went to pic her up, make a long story short..i ended up kissing her intensely and fucking in the walgreens bathroom where i work..question is y did this happen while i tryin to get with the my friend. ps..it was great sex though..

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2/19/2005 3:18 am

Hello Babe, sounds hot fucking her sister. Have you ever fucked an older woman. I like fucking younger guys. I have exceelnt blos job skills and love to fuck for hours. i think you are the type of guy I would love to fuck.

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