going crazy  

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4/1/2006 1:12 am

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going crazy

I think everyone I work with is in heat. A coworker of mine who is 22 has a serious thing for my good buddy who is 34. Both of them are married to other people. He is my good friend and I wouldn't mind having sex with him myself. In February she told us she hated Valentine's Day because she would have to give it up to her husband. Now she is totally preoccupied with sex, so I don't know if she is serious or is just talking shit. But my good friend, who I will refer to as "E" the younger woman, who will be known as "L" and I have an ongoing flirtation going. E and I have been very touchy-feely with each other. Today he opened up his shirt collar and asked me to smell him. He did smell good and I nuzzled him a bit. I had him smell my arm and he kissed it a little, like lots of little smacks. Miss L told a bunch of us the other day that she has girl on girl experience, but when she got married her husband told her she couldn't do it anymore. I don't know quite why she decided we needed to know this. She is always making comments to me that I want her and shit like that. It's very interesting. I don't know if she wants to get with me or not. I generally don't go for that sort of thing, but I am curious. I would love to have a nice threesome with L and E, but I don't want to actually do this because we all work together and things would get weird. So I think I am going to look for a threesome or a woman, just to try it out one time. Maybe it will be fun. Who knows? But I leave work horny as hell everyday from all the flirting and touching. I know it's inappropriate to do at work, but damn it's fun. I am going crazy.

It was my birthday the other day and to celebrate, I took pictures of myself with my new digital camera. An online friend had asked me to send him some of me naked, so I took the pics thinking if they weren't good I would just delete them. I had strong reservations about putting myself out there like that. I didn't realize how hard it would be to take the pictures, both from a physical standpoint and an emotional one. I was pleased with the way they turned out. I was looking at them thinking to myself, my pussy looks so good I want to lick it. I had just shaved it too, so it looked fucking hot. I felt so incredibly sexy looking at the pictures and realizing they were of me. Talk about a confidence booster for a gal on her 37th birthday. Normally I am not narcissistic, but hey, the pictures made me happy and made me feel good about myself. Nothing wrong with that.

funwild55 62M

4/1/2006 6:37 am

Glad to see you're back, haven't read anything from you in while. Sex and work,,,, hmmm, somtimes it's cool, but it has to be a couple of pretty mature people, or else it's time to change jobs. It has worked for me more often than not, but I'm pretty straightforward about the parameters before I get wound up in somthing like that. A lot of flirting, touching, I'd be going crazy after work too.
Would like to see more of your pix, why don't you post a new one with each new blog? And I'd like to wish you a happy belated birthday!!!

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4/12/2006 12:30 am


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2/9/2007 10:27 am

flirting kinda makes your job a bit more interesting and a hell of a lot more fun.....well, u sound amazing and i think that u and i should find us an other as u refer to E and just have a blast with each other....see, then all would be safe at work.....

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4/11/2008 12:39 am


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