A life of Roses  

violent694u 54M
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7/4/2006 2:04 am
A life of Roses

Life without death is like a Rose without thorns. They're beautiful, but no challenge.
The glory of the thorn, so scorned, is that in itself is the treasure.

Life without challenges is no life at all. So, the next time a challenge is faced, be thankful. For if it weren't for the hard times, there would be no reason to fight for life.

A thorn, so scorned, is a very powerful entity of the Rose. For it in itself, holds the very life of that Rose in its clutches. It protects the Rose from certian death, as challenges make us stronger.

A life without challenges makes one weak and unable to cope. They're not strong enough to "deal with it" because they were not strengthened by the experience of sorrow, heart ache, and pain.
There is no knowledge in their hearts to tell them: "This to shall pass." And that is a tragedy.

Contemplate the glory of the thorn, so despised.

It so humbly gives life by doing what it was created to do. It's the shelter for the Rose. Without it the Rose could not live. Yet does the thorn get any glory when it is given to a loved one? (It does when they learn that the Rose was picked by hand. For then and only then do they come to appreiate the "cost" of that Rose.)

Life without challenges is like a Rose without thorns because they're lifes' way of keeping us alive.

The thought of giving a freshly picked Rose no doubt brought joy and happiness. Perhaps even a spark of 'life.' But when that thorn presented itself...now that is life!

The sudden jerking away of the hand. Perhaps even a maddened shaking of it to make the pain stop. Who knows what could happen....

All I know is that when the thorn introduced itself, there was more to life than the heart. All of a sudden reality set in, and then there was blood. The actual life source of our being.

However, when the Rose was presented and the blood was noticed; the cost of that Rose just rose. The pain forgotten, and perhaps even the reason for which the Rose was picked.

All because of a thorn, so scorned. All that was accomplished , was done only because what was meant to be was meant to be.

Challenges in life can only make one stronger. so face them head-on and by the (t)horns. If you do, all your sorrows will have been worth it; if not even forgotten.

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