Hate that CRAP!!!!!  

verydiscreet87 44M
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5/25/2005 2:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hate that CRAP!!!!!

Man I hate when you are going to meet someone and on the day you are suppose to meet they cancel and come up with some crappy reason why they cant meet you. That crap really ticks me off, makes me want to slap the crap out of someone. I have been chatting with this woman for a couple of months and we finally set up a day to meet and on that same day I call her to get directions to her house and she backs out. We had make the plans to meet 4 days before the day to meet and then she gives me the excuse that it is her time of the month when I call her. If you dont want to meet then just say you dont want to meet and be done with it. Dont give me some crappy excuse and then tell me you still want to meet. Man that crap just ticks me off so bad!!!!!!!!If anyone else has come across this please feel free to let me know.

wyvernrose 39F  
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5/25/2005 4:02 pm

Oh yeah have come across it alot actually there are about 4-5 couples on our list relegated to the no show list.....

we just do our own thing and don't rely on them showing up now, don't bother asking them, if they contact us fine will arrange something but do so knowing it likely wont eventuate...


rm_txrose4uNTX 59F
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5/25/2005 4:09 pm

Since you were meeting at her house, your intentions were probably straight to the clincher of sex..... therefore, since many men are not okay with having intercourse while having sex, it is appropriate for her to cancel out on the date.

If you were to meet at someplace else... it may not have been such an obvious intent on the first meet and she might have not cancelled. Also, keep note.....

she may have also hoped for either a response, such as:

"That's okay. The rivers never bother me, if it doesn't bother you." OR
"That's okay. I was feeling uncomfortable meeting you at your house anyhow, how about going to (you fill in a place)" (even if you are disappointed).

She may have truly wanted to go out with you but was taken by surprise by the untimely visit of the monthlies. To save face, I would certainly try to ask her out again. If she does cancel out on you again, then it was just not meant to be; however, taking an attitude as you appear to have, you may actually miss out on the woman of your dreams.

Just my 2 cents worth....

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