Grifters, spongers, and moochers  

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4/5/2005 6:53 pm

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Grifters, spongers, and moochers

Yesterday, I spent the day shopping and doing errands with a FWB (friend with benefits) whom I know from this site. We went back to her house afterwards, but only so that I could gather my things and then leave again, since I had to go to my class that evening.

Before I was able to say goodbye to her and get on my way, there was an unexpected knock on the door. My FWB went to see who was there. It turned out to be another guy whom she knows from this site. He had a huge duffel bag and backpack with him, presumably packed with many changes of his clothing. This guy said something about how he had taken the train from his area to hers and that he was having problems with own present living situation.

She had mentioned this guy to me before, particularly about how he had stayed at her house for over two weeks when she she had actually just invited him over for the weekend. My FWB also told me that she was rather glad to see him leave and did not long for his return anytime soon, if ever, again.

Although I did not say much of anything in this awkward scenario, since I felt it was not in my place to have spoken, I was feeling quite upset from it all. My FWB did not say anything either, but I wasn't too sure if she was holding anything back herself.

Since when is it polite to just show up at a friend's house with packed backs for an extended stay without even so much as asking that friend in advance? I don't care what the other circumstances might be, I just found this guy to be totally lacking any sort of consideration for my FWB by just showing up like that. She should have just told him to get back on that train to Loserville in my opinion, but I guess she will just have to deal with him however she sees fit.

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