I want to know what your'e thinking.....  

velvetgrrrl 40F
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8/16/2006 9:06 pm

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11/13/2006 11:56 am

I want to know what your'e thinking.....

Tell me what's on your mind!

I have been aimlessly wandering the blogs trying to find some interesting ones to read and respond to. But what I see a lot of is popular people listed and thats all well and good but they're easy to find on here. So I randomly click on a person wh has commented on a random popular blogger in order to find the obscure. The exotic. Is there anything really interesting out there in blogland? Do I have to become the weird one, the obscurity? We can discuss the goddess I am in my fantasy life
I'll blow your mind I tell you. Never had anyone quite like me. Too bad the reality is by far weaker in comparison.

Any pointers?
Ways to tell me to go fuck myself?

I don't care I'm just looking for some good reading material

Hell is when u should have walked away, but u didn't.

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

8/16/2006 10:13 pm

I don't know that I have anything all that great to read I just post what ever is going on in my mind or heart at the time. Like you I'm just wandering the blogs and happened a pond yours as that is how I found most of the blogs I read...Ready


monkeefuk 46M
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8/16/2006 10:41 pm

well what is on my mind is alot of anger for alot of people my parents for doin the job of teachin me how to be the man i'm supposed to be for throwin me out when i was 15 to fend for myself my grandfather the only person i felt luv from growin up who past away when i was 13 and left me to the mercy of my parents who cared more about his truckin job then his daughter my mother and left her to be raised by an abusive stepmother my sister who all my life has looked down on me and thought i was a "fuck up" her words my brother who is the the real son of who i thought was my father but is only my step father my real father who abanded me before i was even born my teachers for singlein me out as a trouble maker the police who are always harrasin me the people i see walkin down the street givin me shitty looks becouse i look different with my no namebrand clothes and my tatoos the store managers that fallow me around cuz i look suspicious my exgirlfriends that cheated on me and left me my babies mama who took my son to live with another man but most of myself for takin 35 years to understand everythin comes down to my choises my decisions my conciquences for my actions what i did I did what i said I said anger hatred self loathin self pity petiness selfishness greed jealousy these are the things i chose for myself long ago and i dont want them anymore


8/16/2006 10:55 pm

Not certain what type of material you might really like. But your usage of the terms "obscure" and "exotic" at least gives me a clue that you may be sort of be tuned similarly to myself. Although there is no real guarantee of that.

My own blog certainly isn't for everyone and oftentimes can be more heavily visual than verbal. Many have even termed it "confusing". I enjoy flippant absurdity. I Don't usually mind behaving ( blogwise that is ) in a somewhat idiotic albeit oddly brainy while also goofy manner. But I at least try to convince myself that the blog is not what you might call "ordinary" or "usual". And if you want a secret tip on how to attempt to insult me those types of descriptive terms would be a decent bet on what might do it the worst.

Take a look at these listed below and see how they grab you. I'm certain there is a lot of really good obscure stuff out there that I either cant conjure up at the moment or still don't know about myself. Mine is the last one listed. Good luck finding more. They've got to be around somewhere. And if you do find some faves I hope you share them here as I'd be curious to see what sort of thing really grabs you.

Procrastinator X
What's Beneath the Surface?
Rambling Narcoleptic Traveler
[blog AtomicArtist]
Sans Dookie

And if I think of anymore I think you might like after I get a chance to look through your blog I'll also let you know about them.


ZZ_Todd 60M

8/17/2006 8:44 am

I have a "Watch List" that I go through first, then I go through the "Recent Posts" list... when I see a post title that intrigues me, I'll open it and usually end up with someone else to put on my "Watch List."

Transblucency 45M

8/17/2006 4:53 pm

Yeah, I'd also endorse the excellent KC_JJ's blog but I see you're already posting there. And not just because he linked to mine either (no, honest) as I believe he is the person for whom the word "eclectic" was invented.

[blog Staring] is my favorite architect. His tales regarding his latest projects are indeed something to behold.

[blog Blogging] is my secret guilty pleasure.

[blog Misanthropic] is a must-read.

[blog Minutia] is a beautiful writer.

AtomicArtist0 46M
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8/17/2006 8:27 pm

You're already well on your way to discovering some of the best writers here. I'll have to concur with many suggestions and go with some of my personal faves that overlap some of the other suggestions.





spinmedown...though he doesn't write anymore

[blog AtomicArtist}

see...I didn't even list them in alphabetical order.

My fave all time writer was craptoast but he is gone now.

flagg134 37M
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8/18/2006 8:45 am

I do see alot of good suggestions already you should have plenty of reading material. I used to spend alot of time surfing randomly around the blogs. I should do that again soon I haven't the energy at the moment though. Anyway my suggestions are...

missannthrope I have to third that nomination great writer but I think you already post there.

Nightstalker172 Another good read unafraid to speak his mind.

[blog Sheeana] She is very intense and in touch with her feelings. When she writes they come out very clearly. She is a bit odd but in a good way besides odd is what your looking for.

sensuouswoman3 May not be your style but the woman is far from normal. Always good for a laugh and has a heart of gold.


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