And Now an Intermission  

velvetgrrrl 40F
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8/14/2006 10:45 pm

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And Now an Intermission

May I present for your entertainment..A waltz!

Startled eyes soaked with the tears of realization that she can never have the one she truly loves look up into the face of the man who hurt her. The man she loves with all her heart and soul. Tis sad that with most situations we love the ones who do not love us back ring the most true to the common ear. Wish there was a magic word or something that could change things. All that can be done is to hope that he or she finds happiness somewhere and maybe it will be with you. I hope that for you, and yet I still have secret desires to hope that it can be with me. Can you not see I'm special too? That I'm wonderful? That I would do anything for you? maybe I'm not beautiful, maybe I have faults but don't you as well? The pain and confusion apparent . What I wouldn't give to have the hurt removed from our eyes, yours mirroring the pain going straight to my center. An outstretched arm desperately grasps for comfort and is met with a warm reassuring grasp. It is the feeling of being pulled in and enveloped by your other half. The one that completes. My missing puzzle piece for I am an enigma. I wonder if anyone truly knows me. Bothers to look beyond the shallow disquise in this masquerade of life. STEP. Slowly we are drawn together, the movements as natural as air, as effortless as each breath. STEP. We move, moths to the flame as we are drawn into the dance of life, TOGETHER. The tune repeats, over and over. A haunting lullaby of reality and dreams rushing around us, intertwined. Swirling like the wind. As do my thoughts. This will end. It's not forever. Nothing lasts. Nothing stands the test of time. My doubts consume my very existance. Clouding what is right in front of me. Stepping back the picture clears. The wall of distance, separates our bodies, our minds and our souls. My hands still desperately clinging in the hopes that our bond, this spider web of fragile happiness, will not break. The finality, a formidable cloud of what is, slowly releases the hopes of what could be. Sadness apparent in two beautiful gazes as hands pull away to fingers and fingers, once clasped together, now barely grazing the others fingertips, till finally there is nothing but coldness erasing the warmth that had just been. No warmth. No emotions. Simple memories remain of a time. A time where love conquered all. Where we waltzed to a love so pwerful nothing would break it. Looking back as time passes the lullaby's faint strains pull me away from life's bittersweet reality. STEP arms pull me safely into the security and strength and warmth of a love that may never die, but perhaps will fade as the only true determination will be done by time and the heart. STEP Slowly gliding to a memory , a time of happiness unspoilt by the realities and bitter winds of actuality and slowly letting my heart show you the beauty of what we have.TOGETHER.

I wrote this in a time of self-evaluation when I fell in love with someone very close to me. Sadly, I'm not sure where that situation is currently but I do know I love him, he's my best friend, and I can't imagine my life without him!

Hell is when u should have walked away, but u didn't.

rm_dementional 43M
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8/20/2006 9:35 am

I fell pretty hard for a close friend somewhere between June and July...
I've know her for over ten years, and our friendship was always more affectionate than what seemed "normal." She doesn't remember everything as I do. She balked when I tried to remind her that she propositioned me the night we started hanging out (college days, in the laundry-room, [sigh].)
I also don't know how long she's been such a big teasing flirt! She's not quite the person I thought I knew.
Long story short, in a time of immense emotional vulnerability, she flirted with me heavily (or my IQ is about 3, yet my imagination is good enough that I should be a fiction writer) and led me to believe that there was an attraction between us (physically / affectionately, at least) but when we had our big chance (luxury hotelroom included) she didn't even kis me back, she was a little like a cold, dead fish. At least she didn't grimmace...

Further long and tragic story short, falliong for a friend, yes, it's usually fucked. But how does a sensual and feeling person deny such an intense attraction? It's one of those risks that you would practically kill for. And afterwards, you'd almost throw yourself into the path of an oncoming train...

God I loved her. And her amazing show-off body. Proud, dark nipples... Skin to make angels sob with jealousy. I would kill for a night with her. And with how she handled herself I would completely ruin our friendship to 69 with her. (Maybe. Damn, I still like her!)

moving on...

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