so many positions i need a road map.....  

vegasriver 43F
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4/16/2005 6:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

so many positions i need a road map.....

Listen baby... and listen well... I like it when you turn me around and fuck me from behind. I like no, love when you grab my hips and push your dick in deeper. BUt don't stop. I don't care if you are about to come and feel that you don't want to, do it. Come. Let me feel it. Fill me up. If Im still not there yet, break out my friend and fuck me with that. I love toys. I feel like i should be the national spokeswoman for adult toys. Ladies, where would we be without them. Always hard when we need them, we can buy the right size, shape, color BEFORE we bring it to bed with us. We know we are always goignt o get off from it, no questions asked. Last but not least, they are always better with two people or three. I am dying to experiment with toys and another woman. Yummmmm...Oh the fantasies I have with toys and women involved. But alas, no takers yet. Ill save that one for another time. have safe fun.

mnfun952 103M

4/16/2005 8:38 am

Vegas... you are absolutely right... toys are always better with 2 or 3 (as I've indicated a few times in my blog). Often, after I've come the first time - not holding back, filling you up, letting you feel it (to use your words) - toys will keep her happy, and cumming and the result is always a second 'wind' that simply continues the flow... waves of orgasm... it's wonderful.

Be Nice (or naughty, if that's what you prefer), Play Safe, Have Fun.


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