Temptress had me on the hunt..  

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4/28/2005 9:54 am

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Temptress had me on the hunt..

Dear Diary/Journal/Blog/Whatever,

Who-da-thunk it? Last Saturday was something I'll not soon forget, but how did she know it was me?

Never thought I'd ever be stepping out for extracurricular cardio, but here's how it went down.

We were supposed to meet in the hotel lobby for a collective once-over before consenting to anything more discrete.

So I walked into the lobby at the appointed hour, moved towards the front desk, and immediately caught sight of these big brown eyes, an evil grin, and a lustful pout all rolled into one. At that point I just knew it was her, but how did she pick me out so quickly?

Granted, the last few days leading had been full of some wallpaper peeling emails and suggestive messaging, but what an amazing first time AdultFriendFinder surprise.

She also had to elude her significant other, the one I learned who had all but abandoned her in favor of the corner office. Mine had long since retreated into her own selfish world of body sculpting and client dinner dates, so why should she be the only one to play?

Ten minutes of banter and we just clicked, retreated to car, and going hard. She wore those crotchless panties which I certainly appreciated, and her whole body just shook with desire and wetness to where I was sure her pungent smell would become a permanent ingrained part of my seats. Granted, that would be an improvement to the scent from the local car washing place..... Maybe they can start offering this new scent?

The whole thing was over in less than an hour, and we drove with the windows down to cool off before returning to the hotel and then home.

She has family coming to visit this weekend, but we made our next date for a full round of afternoon delight.

God it's good to be in Dallas.

Okay, back to the grind - grind - grind...

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