vacatedpup 54F
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1/5/2006 8:11 pm

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4/18/2007 3:54 am


Approaching me bashfully.
Shyly producing a smile.
Struggling to lift her eyes.
As her lips slowly begin to part--
Her throat tightens, choking her, as her tongue slowly lifts...
She takes a step closer - Face to Face.
Her lips begin to part slowly nearing mine, feeling the sensation before the touch
Than the warmth , the Desire ,the world around you melts away
A soft moan That will secretly grin its way into my ears-
Not just a Kiss but a fatal seductive blow.
Arising up from the shallow abyss beyond her reach
Through her lips she passes me the fantasies and Desires of a Woman..

rm_NYTab 58M
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1/6/2006 9:36 am

I too am looking for a lady friend to join my my wife and I in our 20 yr marital bed.. I am convinced that such a beast does not exist.. more like the Yeti, Lochness or cannot find her....she will find you... if you are lucky... after 22 yrs together w my best friend, lover, spouse, wife... we are convinced lady luck shall not smile upon us that way... but I like your post..and your words..

vacatedpup 54F

1/6/2006 10:32 am

I wish you all the luck in your quest it will happen, keep an open mind and enjoy your wife Till it does..shes lucky to have your interest after 20 yrs...

rm_ravens40l 57M
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4/17/2007 2:46 pm

A message for vacatedpup,

waiting to hear from you, been a while and nothing in return,left my # before here's again waiting for you, hurry hard all the time.


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