For all new members. Got this from the magazine on the advice line.  

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6/24/2006 9:08 am

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For all new members. Got this from the magazine on the advice line.

General advice about new members should read this.

Too frequently I see posts that question the legitimacy of this site. I've read many comments about fake profiles, about getting no response
to emails, about the number of "views" staying
at zero, or whatever. Use your imagination and there's a post about it somewhere.

So here's what I've
come with so far:

By the way, most of the advice
below is worded towards men. Much of it applies to women, as well. I didn't try to be politically correct. The disproportionate number of men to women here dictates the audience. No offense, ladies.

There are many fake profiles out there. Some are totally bogus (i.e. sick, fat, fucks, with no life declaring the opposite sex). Some are bots designed to get you to follow them around the internet from one site to the next. Some
are money scams. The point is that many are disingenuous.

- Not all of them are "fakes". I've
met several people on line that I also met in real life. I've met some that I've corresponded with several times and have never met; but they are real people just the same.

- Upgrading, as a male, gets you more hits and thusly more results. I noticed an immediate improvement that has sustained over time. Many will argue this point; I don't know what to tell you guys. My experience says differently.

- Upgrading guarantees you nothing. It only
gets you more exposure and more flexibility. More exposure isn't always good. If you have a lame ass profile, and a couple of pics of your dick only, with very few words of any value in your profile, it will not help you to upgrade.
Chances are, the result will be exposing yourself to more people as someone they are not interested in - that's
a bad thing.

- It matters what you say in your profile. It matters what you say in your blog, or in a post, or where ever. Many of the legitimate profiles here belong to people who care about more than a cock shot. Or claims of sexual prowess.
Or whatever bragging rights you have about your toys or your job. Basically, if you sound like and idiot, and you come across as a selfish, insensitive dote, then you will be the idiot chasing the cyber-sex-bots form site to site.

NO- Just because this is an adult dating site does
not mean that you will get laid quickly or at all. Not everyone is here looking for a fast hook-up - wam bam thank you ma'am, I'm outty. It probably isn't going to play out like that. The people you correspond with here, at least
the ones that matter, are real people. That means that they have emotions, intelligence, make judgment calls, read between the lines, and have all of the other qualities that you find in the people you meet in person every day. Again,
if you come off to most people anywhere as an asshole, or someone just looking for some fast action, then you will not like it here. The only way to pull that off is to be very clever, or sinister, or both - the chances are that you are
not smart enough to pull it off if that's where your head is. I mean seriously, is that working for you anywhere else?

- The ratio of men to women here probably exceeds 10:1. That means that the average female profile here gets about tens times more attention the average male profile. I've
heard of women that get hundreds of emails a day. Many get hundreds a week. Most get hundreds a month. You will not. A few a week is "good results" for most guys. Several a day is above average for almost all men. A handful a month is not uncommon for guys, either. While you're
waiting for responses to the 20 emails you just sent out, do something with your profile. You will not get the results you are looking for overnight.

- I don't have another "No" right now, but I have another "Yes".

- The people that work here have you ranked according to your "value" to them. If you pay them money, they treat you better. If you pay them more money, they treat you even better. If you pay nothing, the treat you like you pay nothing. What I men by treated better that includes the list of stuff they claim on the homepage. Especially communication and the speed with which your edits and posts get updated.

NO- The previous "Yes" doesn't
necessarily have any real value. It's mostly a creature comfort thing. But if your impatient about crap like that (like me) then it makes this place a lot less annoying. If you use this site like some people use MySpace, or Facebook,
or any of those sites (like me) then it is extremely convenient compared to the alternative.

That's all I can think of right now. If I think of anything else I will edit the post.

I hope this helps someone.
I know that it gets very frustrating at times. I know that many people have unrealistic expectations about this site. There are also many misconceptions.

Feel free to comment

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Welcome to blogging, us24u06. *smiling*

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