So to all those males who understand this , please shine the light my way  

urfreakyfriend 35F
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5/11/2006 2:09 pm
So to all those males who understand this , please shine the light my way

So recently I dated a friend, him and I were great friends for 5 years and then we dated for two. Why is it now that we are just friends, he still thinks that he can choose who I can talk to and who can be a part of my life. He was a very selfish man and never wanted to share me with anyone.I lost many great friendship because of him . I have no family in Alberta, they are all dead or in Ontario . I need what little friends I have. I am not one for tooting my own horn, but I am a killer catch. There are not to many 23 year old woman out there that can hold down a few proffessional careers and hold down a house, but i can.I fuck and fuck great(more then most men can handle lol ) I cook and clean , I bake and support. I am a rare one thats for sure. I am sucsessful with or without a man, and I stand my ground firm. So why is it when I get into a realationship all my friends should disapeer and I should be chained to the stove. I am a person... I have needs... I need friends... I dont see the big deal. Why Why Why please o please some wise man out there explain to me why men must be so selfish and always want to keep me all to their self?

goodatpoetry2 68M
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5/11/2006 2:54 pm

The real problem is that you are picking the wrong men. Don't feel bad, many women do.
Maybe [?] you like a man who seems to NEED you. Watch out for those. Of course, don't go for the oppisite kind, either.
Jealousy is a terrible thing to deal with. If you see!
It might make you feel special, for awhile, but it just is never good. It's just about the worse thing that can happen to a relationship. You have to learn to watch for it. It can creep in on you slowly.
Again, be careful of needy guys. If they're always saying..."I need you. I need you so bad"...that's not good.
NEVER give up your friends. For anyone. You are a person with a whole life, with includes other people.
Just be more careful about who you choose to be with. YOU have the control of that!

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