A Sweet Seduction.......  

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7/24/2006 12:01 pm

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A Sweet Seduction.......

Dear Friends,

As you know, I spend too much time on the road on business so it is extremely hard for me to took up with anyone........until last night....

I was at my booth setting up the lights for next day display...it was quiet and dark and it was 1am....There were a few campers stolling about enjoying the warm summer night.I looked into the night and turned back to the booth.I had to put the sides up to close my display for the night.My radio was on and Ray Charles I'm Movin' to the Outskirts of Town" came on,it was one my dad's favorite songs
...Suddenly someone from behind says,"I love that song too,you have a nice voice".I turn around, standing there is a tall lithe guy with real long dark brown hair and of all things a goatee...He looked like a little johnny depp in the Pirates.
..."Hey" he goes "need a little help putting that tarp up?" "Sure.." I go....Slowly we put up the sides of the booth.

...Often as I had to show him where the connectors actually went,and we would touch lightly up againist each other. He would smile at me slightly....When we got the last side up we were totally enclosed in the booth hidden from view.I invited him to sit down. I turned to radio down and changed the station to smooth jazz.Our chairs were facing each other and our knees almost touching and we talked.He was from Pittsburgh and had come to the show early with friends.He was divorced with 2 little girls,he was in construction,and he traveled all the time he had very little time to socialize...I felt an connection andI told about my business and my own travels.He told me about his navy travels as well.

We talked for hours,As we talked our knees touched and he began rubbing my knee closest to him.I was wearing a long poncho over shorts and a tee,because it had gotten cold.He Slipped his hand under my poncho and started rubbing my inner thigh very softly.

"Your skin is so smooth."...My legs are my best part." I replied."I like to whole package and he kissed me slowly,with a opened month,our tongues met and we kissed deeper,and his hand slipped up my shorts, as his other hand groped for a tit thur my shirt and pinched a nipple.

I opened my legs wider and he found my clit and rubbed it gently,I was alredy wet and he slid a finger into my pussy."My," he goes," you are so wet and tight!" Then he stood me up to unbutton my shorts, and pulled both panties and shorts down.I reached into his pants to find a fine fat hard cock.

.."Let me taste you." I whispered and sat back in my chair, and took his cock in my mouth,I rolled my lips and put the tip of my tongue around the head and sucked the precum out of his little hole.He shuddered and moaned,"It's been a long time baby." I stopped a moment and said "me too."

His fingers moved faster around my pussy, which was weeping a lot of juice..we were ready..

At first he wanted take me on the chair itself, but the angle was too steep..."Let's do it the old fashioned way."I said as put my poncho on the booth floor and lay down,opening my legs.

He pulled his pants down further,and lay down on me slipping his cock right up againist my very wet lips, and he teased my clit a while. Then pressed into my tight pussy, he had to work it awhile,I had been fasting a long time...

I wrapped my legs around him,locked my ankles, forced him in deeper and rotated my hips. Rolling his dick in my pussy,he groaned and pumped harder.

"Ohh, baby that's it hit that G!!I panted out...Wetter and wetter and he pounded his hard cock in ...I began to mumble and groan and started to come.... Feeling me tighten, he began to come hard too pushing in balls deep filling me with hot cumm....he kissed me hard and held me still....The sun was coming up....it was so hot and sweet!!! ...."Cum back to tommorrow!" I said, as he left in the dawning light....

....The next night an 2 am, as just I was closing the booth,He was suddenly there ,"Lets play some more",and he took me by the hand and led away me from the lighted vending area, up a hill and down a embankment to the edge of a small lake to a nice grassy spot.. He stood behind me and began to rub my butt, "My hands are cold." he said,As put his hand inside my panties rubbing my butt and slipping a finger into my pussy from behind....
" Let's do it doggy style," he whispered in my ear..I could not believe my luck!! He pulled my panties down and bent me over slighly, pumpimg his fingers in me deeply and rubbing my tits with his other hand. He then pressed his dick up to my pussy; forcing to me to the ground and pumped that fat cock hard right into my G-spot!!I starting moaning and cumming as he plumbed in deep and hard, "You're so wet!!" As he cumms very hard, slamming his cock in as deep as he could holding me hard as I came as hard as a freight train....I could only lay there and catch my breath...fast broken at last...EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD NOW!!!!!>>!

OhioNiceGuy1122 66M
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7/19/2007 9:55 pm

My ... what a sweet encounter! I can only hope we may have a similar one ... perhaps at least as memorable!

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9/16/2007 4:18 am

You are a beautiful woman.
I would like to you into yours
Freundeskreis.Nimm asks me.
I bring along also many friends.
many thanks.

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