urdickinmymouth 38F
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8/13/2006 10:00 pm

I am so back to my old self I missed me. Did u?
Well last night while i was sitting here doing nothing. I went on to onlinebootycall and meet the best guy. Tall dark and long and big damn!
I didn't know how I even believe any of the thing that he said on line be it all sounded good. So I went over and i liked what I saw. All of what I saw. So I went for it. Pulled it out and suck it hard took it all the way down and came up slow. Then licked, suck and kissed then went down again and again. He started to breath hard and tried to grab my head but i grabbed his hands and held them at his side and continued to take all his dick in my mouth in and out in and out up down sucking harder and harder until he could not take any more. Right before he cum I stooped and made up some lame reason for having to leave. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN THANKS T

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