Christening her new place........  

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1/17/2006 1:44 pm

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Christening her new place........

So now that my fuck slut lives on the same road as me, it makes it much easier to pop down and send her to work with some lovely red welts on her ass, some red raw wrists from the hand cuffs and some finger marks from my grip.
Walk up her driveway and in the open door and find her waiting, make her pick a belt that i'm gonna whack her with, hand cuff her and pound her head into the dinner table as i pull her pants down, whip her pale white cheeks until she tried to stop me then push her head into the table again to make sure she does as i tell her to. whack her til i think she has been punished enough then push my hard cock into her pulsing pussy, fuck her in her lounge at the table, move her by the handcuffs into her bathroom, bend her over the toilet, fuck her hard in the bathroom, the one she shares with her boyfriend, my cock is the first she has felt in the bathroom, lead her to her bed, make her kneel on the bed, shove her hard face down, still cuffed behind her back so she cant stop her fall, pound her pussy hard and fast, slapping her ass cheeks, squeezing tightly with my fingers, making her wince, keep fucking her hard until i cum into the condom, long hard strokes as i cum in her cunt.
thats 3 rooms down, only 4 to go............

Msrotary 37F

1/18/2006 11:44 pm

first in the lounge too........

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