An Immodest Business Proposal  

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An Immodest Business Proposal

An Immodest Business Proposal

The exterior entrance is Greek, stylized columns around a simple double door. A “bouncer” stands in front, but without the intimidation or sunglasses. Rather, he’s in a grey suit of medium build, wearing glasses–hinting at an inspector or doctor. He admits entry, dependant on local age laws, screening for intoxication. Through the doors is a small waiting area, such as a receptionist’s window, another door, and a few chairs. Upon entering, one must either present a card showing that they are a repeating visitor, or, having no such card, must read a packet of rules and regulations, expected behaviors, and the like, followed by a signed waiver and a 10 point test, showing that the rules have, indeed, been read. Due to the presence of paid Muses and non-tipped amateurs, an admission price is required (discounts available at Free community clinics). Additionally, masks are available for rent from the front door.

The rules are simple enough–a system of cues and signs designated by a performer (either Lay or Muse) that outlines the level of participation desired. A minor offender receives a warning after mediation; a major offender is expelled. All tables and stages are equipped with silent alarm buttons which alert trained staff members to conflict locations.

The major room has the basic layout of a strip club–a main stage, and a few minor stages opposing a bar. Clustered around the stages are couches and chairs, book ended by tables dispensing tissues and condoms, cut out to contain garbage, as well. The stages are of varying heights and themes, from a simple black-carpeted slab to Victorian Era Couches. Guarding the stages, including the center dais, is simple red velvet rope guards, free standing to be adjusted as willed.

The basic deco is a unifying dark black, soft lights (candle colors–oranges, yellows, and reds) through the room. White marble columns run as headers and footers, unifying the room. No bare bulbs are used, but rather there is some track lighting, giving the feeling of a carpeted museum after hours. Occasionally, special theme nights utilize simple iconic decorations and changes in light schemes to give a soft pink hue with cupid bows and angel feathers on some days, while on other days, a performer can enjoy an electric blue neon for their area.

Aside from the main room, two bathrooms are provided, one consisting of a large, bubbling fountain for “fun washing” and another more utilitarian shower room for actual cleansing.

The bar serves no alcohol, but rather is a “juice bar” in the actual sense of fresh fruit smoothies, juices, or carbonated mixed drinks made to order. The bartender receives tips for all serves of the club.

Entertainment is provided by Muses and guests, Muses being paid, on staff entertainers who may dance, read, free verse, bathe, or any other erotic activity as desired (the management reserves the right to retain creative control during theme nights). The guard rails may be adjusted, or neon-ink blackboards may be used to explain show rules: “Please, feel free to X. Please, do not Y.” Alternatively, short hand codes, as outlined in the rules and regulations, may be used. Guests who wish to engage in sexual activity are encouraged to not distract from performers, unless they would wish to take a stage themselves (adhering to the night’s orientation guidelines).

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