Saturday 9th September - A night to Remember  

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9/11/2006 7:30 am

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Saturday 9th September - A night to Remember

I did say I would post details of successful dates on here, so after an excellent night on Saturday night, I have just got to tell you.

I was disappointed with the amount of responses from you guys when I asked for ideas about what to wear, so I decided my self - and very teasing I was too!!!

I wore a skirt that hugged my legs, short enough to show my legs but long enough not to show that I didnt wear any knickers. Up top, I had a basque like top on, because I knew that if I got undressed, after taking them two items off, I would be left in just high heels and a smile.

We met for a drink and he was gorgeous, even more so in the flesh, he seemed very happy with me. After a few drinks we got a bit 'touchy feely' because after a few online cats, we knew what we both wanted.

We danced, teasing each other and touching each other then decided to go to a club. But on the way to a club, we just wanted each others clothes off so we hailed a caband eaded back to his place.

In the back of the taxi, I was getting fingered whilst we exchanged tongues and I could feel his cock getting harder through his jeans. The taxi driver must have had a great view. I was so wet too.

We got out of the cab and in the house but we didnt make it upstairs, I decided to hoist my skirt up and bend over on the stairs for him - expecting his cock, I waited with anticipation but felt his fingers andtongue instead - absolute heaven!!!

I came to orgasm in his mouth and still on the stairs, he slid his cock inside me and fucked me for what seems like an eternity. Before he came, I turned around and sucked his cock then let him cum over my tits which were exposed by now.

We showered then hit his bed - where we resumed more fucking, I lost count of the positions we did, but by 6am, we needed some sleep.

I havent heard from him since though but am waiting, with alimited amount of paitence. If not, then its back to my searching.


rm_chezmoi5 62M

9/24/2006 6:30 am

You are amazing, open and very refreshing. Indeed, my dream kind of girl, restoring my faith in the opposite sex except you are so far away in Manchester - I live in Belfast. And would I be tempted to travel to meet you - you can bet your life on it. Talent such as this is worth a lot more than an Easyjet ticket. But alas you seem more than well, serviced, you gorgeous thing - that includes body and mind as the latter seem to be often forgotten on this site. Anyhow, if you feel the urge to meet, contact or speak to me let me know. I shall be more than willing as I guess you are a real treat.


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